Snapshot Sunday

Hi guys! Wow, did this week ever fly by because it appears to be Sunday again.

Aug 23-15

This week was my first week back at work after being on holidays for ten days. It’s always tough walking back through the door after being off, but once I was back it quickly felt like my holidays were an illusion.

This week I focused on getting back into a fitness routine. I managed to get to the gym three times this week, after not going for about a month (although I had been working out at home). I went to three classes at the gym, and while they were hard, I felt so great after. I’m planning on taking them again this week. I really find going straight from work increases my probability of going.

I also tried a new restaurant this week with my husband. After hearing glowing recommendations from a good friend, we went to Nook. It is a small Italian restaurant here in Thunder Bay. While their menu was small, it packed a serious punch. Homemade Italian cuisine is one of my weaknesses. I had their gnocchi dish which included peas and green beans, in a pesto sauce. The gnocchi was wonderful and reminded me of gnocchi I had in Rome. The pesto had a lemon flavour and was very tasty! I also tried some of their prosciutto pizza and it was to die for!

It was a bit chilly and gloomy this past week, but on Saturday the sun came out again. My husband and I took advantage of this and look a walk around Boulevard Lake. It was a nice quiet walk, as it wasn’t as busy there as I thought it would be. We are finishing off out weekend by watching some Netflix together and playing a video game together. Perfect end to a lovely weekend.

I hope everyone had a great week! Share your stories about your week below!



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