Favourite Makeup Brushes for Face Makeup

P1010022 (2)

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about the makeup brushes that I have been loving for my face makeup. Just like my eye makeup brushes, all of these brushes are very reasonably priced and work well.

Real Techniques

P1010025 (2)

The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is what I use to apply my foundation. It blends everything in flawlessly and leaves you with great coverage. I also use this brush to blend in my concealer.

P1010028 (2)

The Real Techiques Setting Brush is what I use to set my under eye concealer. The small tip of the brush is the perfect size for under the eye. It is also soft and fluffy which is perfect to use on the most delicate area of your face.

Sonia Kashuk

P1010030 (2)

This Sonia Kashuk Powder Brush came in a set so I don’t know the specific name of this brush. I use it to apply powder all over my face to set my foundation in place. At the moment this is the only powder brush I own. It does the trick but there really isn’t anything special about this brush so any powder brush would do. I’m looking to replace this brush with the Morphe G0 (that is a zero) Brush.


P1010033 (2)

This Quo Fan Brush is another that came in a set. I use it both to apply highlighting powder on the tops of my cheekbones, as well as to blend my blush (and other powders) in and remove the excess. Again, I feel like any fan brush would work fine. I don’t use the rest of the brushes from this set so I would recommend finding a stand-alone fan brush rather than purchasing the set for this one.


P1010037 (2)

The Morphe G8 Brush is what I use to apply my blush. I love the pointed end of the brush as it allows for precise application. It is soft so it makes blending your blush in really easy. This brush could also be used to apply powder to your face to set your foundation. The Morphe Gun Metal Collection is wonderful, they are inexpensive, look great and are so soft.

P1010040 (2)

The Morphe G3 Brush is what I use to contour my cheeks. It is the perfect size to fit in the hollow of your cheek to create a soft and precise contour. This brush is very dense, but also soft to the touch. I like the shape of the brush because it is like a flattened dome. It isn’t thin like most contour brushes so you don’t end up with harsh lines. I personally like a subtle contour on myself. This brush is also from the Gun Metal Collection.

So between this post and my previous post about my eye makeup brushes, those are all of the makeup brushes that I regularly use. I do have more brushes in mind that I would like to add to my collection so I do plan on writing an update if my regular rotation changes significantly.

What are your favourite face makeup brushes? Leave me your recommendations in the comments below!



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