Snapshot Sunday

Hi guys! Another week has come to an end. I feel like I keep saying this, but honestly I don’t know where the weeks go.

2015-10-12 01.02.31
I didn’t really take any pictures this week. So, here is a picture of my dogs cuddling on Thanksgiving!

This week started off with a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It was delicious as usual! I love Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving leftovers, I got to enjoy my mom’s stuffing and gravy all week. Yum!

I also had another lovely coffee date with one of my best friends and her adorable baby boy! I always enjoy catching up with them.

After the Thanksgiving-food driven week I had and now that I’m feeling better, I have been getting back into working out again. I had a little break from the gym when I was sick, but now I’m ready to get serious about it again.

My husband and I are still playing Diablo III with one of our best friends, so we had another epic gaming session last night. I will be really sad when we finish all that we can do on that game. It is great!

This afternoon I went for a nice walk with my mom around Boulevard Lake. The weather was fairly mild and we enjoyed some great conversation and exercise!

I hope you all had a great week!



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6 Replies to “Snapshot Sunday”

  1. Boulevard lake? Where do you live?

    1. Thunder Bay, ON πŸ™‚

        1. Wow! That’s a first on here!

  2. There’s a boulevard lake where I live too πŸ™‚

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