Mani Monday: Manicure Tips Addition


Hi guys! I’m sick again so I haven’t had the energy to paint my nails so instead I’m going to share some of my manicure tips with you! These are tips that I’ve picked up and learned over the past few years that have completely changed my manicure game. I hope you find this useful!

Nail Lacquer Thinner


Sometimes your polish gets thick or dries up. This can happen because it may have been left open for too long, due to the formulation or just something that can happen over time. Please don’t ever use nail polish remover or pure acetone to thin out your polish. I see that tip everywhere and it is the worst thing you can do to your polish. It may seem like it worked, but it will ruin your polish. Using a specially formulated nail lacquer thinner is re-adding the chemicals that evaporated out. Many brands make them, I personally use the OPI one since that is my usual brand of choice.

Nail Envy

P1010508 P1010511

When I first started wearing nail polish regularly, I kept noticing that my nails were constantly breaking and peeling. I did some research and started using OPI Nail Envy. This stuff seriously saved my nails. I started with the original formula. Once my nails got to a point where I was happy with them, I switched to the maintenance formula. It is important to switch to maintenance as if you overuse Nail Envy you can actually damage you nails all over again. Your nails should have some flexibility to them, if you over strengthen them you lose that and they weaken and are more likely to break.

OPI Chip Skip


Proper nail preparation is important to a lasting manicure. You can do this by using OPI Chip Skip, using rubbing alcohol, or any other product that is meant for nail prep. I noticed my manicures last a lot longer once I started using this. If your nails do chip, remove the manicure. I’ve been bad for this lately. Nail polish that is chipping can also ruin your nails. It’s best to remove it before that happens as much as possible.

Crystal Nail Files


Crystal nail files are great for natural nails. They are a nice medium grit and they have an everlasting surface. I’ve had mine for years and it still looks and feels brand new. They can be cleaned and sterilized as they have a non-porous surface. They also do not cause nail chipping or peeling. I’ve only ever used it dry, but apparently you can use them wet as well. Also, do not file back and forth, always file your nails in one direction.

What are some of your manicure tips? Let me know in the comments down below!



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8 thoughts on “Mani Monday: Manicure Tips Addition

  1. Another blogger who loves Nail Envy– I’ve been meaning to give it a try, next time I see it I’m definitely going to pick some up- I have the worst luck with breakage! Also thank you for the nail filing reminder, I always file back and forth (habit) and need to stop!

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  2. That OPI crystal file is my FAVOURITE. It’s so difficult to get a hold of it here though.
    When I was young and just starting using nail polish, I totally tried pouring polish remover to thin them – RUINED those polishes! 😛 Learned my lesson quickly.
    I love cuticles oils – they’re so good for making cuticles look healthy, and they help to dry polishes faster too. 🙂

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