Snapshot Sunday

Hi guys! It has been a little while since I last did a Snapshot Sunday. I’ve been sick so I haven’t been doing much aside from working and resting.

Nov 15

With that said, this week was pretty quiet as well. I’ve been catching up on all my favourite YouTube beauty gurus and have been continuing through watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Surprisingly this is my first time watching it! I’ve only got about a season and a half left (I’ve been at this for awhile) so I’ll be sad when I’ve finished them all.

My dogs have made excellent companions while I haven’t been feeling well and have been extra snuggly. I started feeling better in the late evening on Wednesday so I made some banana muffins, some with and some without chocolate chips. I really love baking and I haven’t done it in awhile so I enjoyed doing that. I’m hoping to do some Christmas baking this year, but we will see.

We also got our first snowfall on Thursday. While it was beautiful to look at, snow is really quite a pain. This stuff was heavy so it was not fun to remove from my car the next morning. My dogs loved the snow. Dex was so little last year so he didn’t understand the snow, but this year he was running around having the time of his life. It was really cute.

This weekend I’ve been out and about with my husband. We are trying to get a head start on our Christmas shopping (this is what we consider being “ahead”). We were able to check a few people off our lists which is an accomplishment!

Well, I think that is everything! I can’t wait to start feeling better so that I can get back to going to the gym and exercising.

I hope you all had a fantastic week!



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