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Hi guys! Today I have a very Jaclyn Hill inspired Morphe Brushes haul for you! I decided a little while ago that I needed to add more makeup brushes to my collection to expand my makeup abilities and make it easier to do different eye looks. I watch a lot of Jaclyn Hill tutorials so I made a point of jotting down a few brushes that she was using and looked like they would fill the void in my makeup brush holder. I already had a few Morphe Brushes so I knew the brushes would be high quality.


The Morphe M439 is a Deluxe Buffer. It is fantastic for buffing your liquid foundation into your face. I’ve tried it out since it arrived and it really did make my foundation look flawless. This is from their Studio Pro Line.


The Morphe M501 is a Pro Pointed Blender. I’ve watched many beauty gurus use this to apply their highlight and I can say for myself now that it does a great job. I usually use a fan brush, but this applies the highlight with a little more intensity if that is the look you are trying to achieve. It’s always great to have options! This is from their Flawless Collection.


The Morphe M433 is a Pro Firm Blending Fluff. It is great for blending eye shadow into the crease or any other small area you would like to have a diffused finish. This is from their Studio Pro Collection.


The Morphe M441 is a Pro Firm Blending Crease. It’s quite skinny so again, it is great for blending eye shadow into the crease, especially when you want precision. This is also from their Studio Pro Collection.


The Morphe E17 is a Crease Precision Blender. Another great brush for the crease! I’m sorry if this seems repetitive, one of my goals with this order was to add variety to my blending brushes! This one is a bit more dense than the last two so it applies the shadow a bit more pigmented. It is also quite tiny so great for precision as the name suggest. This is from their Elite Collection.


The Morphe E4 is an Angled Contour Brush. I bought it for applying blush, however you can also apply your contour with it as well depending on what your preference is. This brush is so soft. It’s synthetic but somehow feels like petting a bunny. This is also from their Elite Collection.

Okay, there was a definite trend here…. Blending Brushes! But, there was a bit hole in my collection in this area. It’s hard to add dimension to the crease with just a Sigma E40 as a blending brush! They are also currently having a Black Friday Sale on their website so they have a number of already discounted items, as well as a coupon code for 20% off! I’m not sure how long it lasts but it’s worth checking out!  These brushes are already very reasonably priced but the extra discount makes it even better! I noticed that a few of these brushes are now out of stock, which may be because the sale started yesterday.

What are some of your favourite makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments down below!



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