My Journey to Finding My Holy Grail Concealer


Hi guys! Finding the perfect concealer can sometimes be an almost impossible task depending on your skin tone. I always have a hard time finding one that is light enough to conceal and highlight my under eye area. For awhile I was finding they were either too dark, too warm or didn’t have a great applicator. I think I have found one that meets my needs and that is unsurprisingly the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It feels like a Holy Grail to me!

After seeing, reading and hearing so many rave reviews I took the plunge and shelled out the dollars for it. It was well worth the money and I have no regrets. The formula of the drugstore options I’ve tried is great but that means nothing when the shade itself doesn’t work. Here is my journey to my Holy Grail concealer told through swatches! All of these are the lightest shade (that I’ve found) in each product. I’ve had some of them for awhile so lighter shades may be available now.


  1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Darkspot Eraser in 210 Fair – This one had a sponge tip applicator that I didn’t like so I ripped it off when it got really grungy. So application wasn’t ideal and the shade seems a bit too yellow.
  2. Maybelline FitMe Concealer in 10 Light – This one is scarily dark for being called “light”. Although the formula and applicator are nice, it just doesn’t work for my face. It also looks very warm on me.
  3. Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer in 10 Ivory – This one worked for my skin tone but it blends out to be quite sheer and isn’t light enough for me to highlight. I used it all up, but I didn’t love it enough to buy it again.
  4. Rimmel Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer in 125 Fair – The colour and formula for this one are nice, so if you are looking for an inexpensive concealer it is pretty good. I do however strongly dislike the applicator. It is a squeeze bottle with a brush tip. I found it a pain to get the perfect amount out (either too much or too little) and I didn’t get as much control as I like when I applied it.
  5. Urban Decay Naked Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer in Fair Neutral – This is my holy grail for sure. The coverage is great, the colour is perfect and the doe foot applicator is flat, precise and amazing. This one does cost the most but with how full-coverage it is, a little goes a long way. In this case, you truly get what you pay for.

I’ve also heard that SmashBox does a good concealer so that’s on my list of ones to try. I’m always on a journey to find the best products that fit as many of my needs as possible.

What is your Holy Grail concealer? Let me know in the comments down below!



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8 thoughts on “My Journey to Finding My Holy Grail Concealer

  1. I use the IT Cosmetics ‘Bye Bye Undereye’ concealer and love it! I’m lucky enough to not have dark circles so I don’t use it for under my eyes..but it’s a dream to cover up any redness, breakouts or hyperpigmentation on my face!

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    • I know, it’s so dark!!! I didn’t notice until I brought it home and tried it. I made due for a few days and used it sparingly but it was way too dark/warm for my skin. Let me know if you try the UD one and if you like it! I would love to hear your thoughts!


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