Snapshot Sunday

Hi guys! It’s that time of the week again and I don’t have that much to report on today.

1. Dex and his signature pose 2. My husband and I in our Ugly Christmas “sweaters”

This week seemed to revolve around all things Star Wars! My husband and I had been working through re-watching the movies all this past week to prepare ourselves for The Force Awakens which we saw on Friday.

I also had a coffee date with one of my best friends and her baby boy which is always a good time! We hadn’t seen each other in a few weeks so it was a good time to fill each other in on our lives.

As I mentioned earlier, I saw the Force Awakens Friday evening which was definitely the best part of the evening. The movie was amazing. I am so happy with it and now that I’ve allowed myself to read about it online, I can’t wait to watch it again and keep an eye out for the easter eggs in it.

I also went to an Ugly Sweater Party on Friday as well. Another one of my best friends and her boyfriend were there so we were able to plan out our next game night which I am really excited for. It won’t be until the new year, but the next few weeks are going to fly by.

On Saturday my Ikea order arrived which contained my Christmas present from my parents. They ordered me a makeup desk and chair! The desk is comprised of an Alex Drawer, an Alex cabinet and a Linnmon Table top. I’ll post pictures and a full makeup desk tour once the room I have it in is in better shape. It’s currently in a state of half-renovated. So thank you very much to my parents!

Today I have been preparing for Christmas by purchasing the last gift on my list, wrapping presents and starting to pack!

I hope you all had a lovely week!



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5 Replies to “Snapshot Sunday”

  1. What a fantastic present from your parents! Can’t wait to see it when you set it up! 🙂
    I haven’t seen Star Wars yet… we’re going to wait it out until the craziness at the theatre dies down…

    1. My husband was so excited he bought our tickets in October but since our seats were pre-selected thankfully it wasn’t too crazy! I hope you enjoy it when you go see it!! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! And Dex is such a cutie! 🙂

    1. Yes it was! And yes, he’s so cute! He pretty much always has his tongue hanging out like that!

      1. Oh my goodness – adorable! 🙂

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