YouTube Channel Launch: Husband Does My Makeup Tag

Hi guys! I’ve got two posts for you today. This one was supposed to be up yesterday but some technical difficulties prevented that. One of my New Years Resolutions was to start a YouTube channel to go along with my blog and for once I am ahead of the game since it isn’t 2016 yet! While I was away for Christmas with my husband’s family our cousin suggested doing a Husband Does My Makeup video, except have him do my makeup instead. I thought this was a great idea to get the channel started and break the ice since he is way more outgoing than I am. This video was a lot of fun to film and I hope you enjoy it!

The video is a bit long so grab some popcorn and enjoy!


A Sneak Peak at the Damage Done

I’ll be posting videos more regularly in the New Year. I haven’t settled on a schedule yet but once I do, you guys will be the first to know! Please subscribe to my channel to stay in the loop!



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10 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Launch: Husband Does My Makeup Tag

  1. Haha men have NO clue! My SO knows one thing about makeup: mascara goes on the lashes. And that’s about it lol.
    Your cousin did well with the foundation and then it was all downhill from “we need to give you some colour”… 😛
    “Do you need a smaller nose?” 😮
    “It’s not pretty, I’m not even gonna lie”
    I love the “sorry” count haha!
    “How would you describe her look?” “Smokey?” 😆
    So nice to “meet” you (and your cousin and hubby) live on video! Congrats on your new YouTube channel. 🙂
    My only recommendation is to edit the video so it’s less than 10 minutes. Just from my extensive YouTube watching that seems to be the limit of most people’s attention span. 🙂


  2. Congrats on your channel!! That’s so exciting! Your cousin did so good, he’s hilarious! I keep contemplating starting a channel but I’m not brave enough yet I don’t think. Can’t wait to see more! x

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