Current Favourite Hair Products


Hi guys! When it comes to haircare I am a creature of habit. Once I find products that I like, I stick with them as long as they continue to work well. I have curly hair which when left un-tamed leans on the frizzy side. Basically, what I need in a hair product is something that tames the frizz and gives me soft natural looking curls/waves without a lot of fuss.

Favourite Shampoo/Conditioner: Joico Smooth Cure

I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner from this line for quite some time now. I find it really helps keep my hair smooth and has greatly reduced some of the frizz. I also find that when I straighten my hair (which is rare) that it ends up looking more polished and is less likely to go frizzy.

Favourite Hair Oil: Garnier Frutis Sleek & Shine Oil Treatment

On days where I don’t want to do a lot to my hair, or if I know I’m just going to braid it, I put a little bit of this in my hair. It keeps it smooth and prevents frizz. You don’t need to use much so I’ve had this bottle for a long time.

Favourite Curl Cream: Marc Anthony Curl Envy

This product gives me soft and natural looking curls. I love that all I have to do is apply it to my damp hair and let it air dry.Β This is my go-to hair product when I am wearing my hair down and it never fails! The only tip I have is that it works best when my hair is all wet, if it starts to partially dry, the dried parts end up looking frizzy.

Favourite Dry Shampoo: Batiste in the Tropical Scent

This dry shampoo is a miracle worker. Not only does it soak up any excess oil and it smells amazing, but it does not leave me with a white cast afterwards. Once I’ve brushed it out, it’s gone! I find some dry shampoos make me look like I have dandruff after using them, but not this one! My favourite way to use it (if I remember) is to apply it at night. I spray it in, use my fingers to work it in and then leave it. It soaks up the oil overnight and is gone by morning. No brush-out required. This method is ideal if you work in a scent-free environment like I do because the scent is long-gone by morning.

I am going to try to break out of my habits a bit this year and try some new hair products to see how they compare to my favourites so keep a look out for that! I’ve seen a few curl products mentioned on other blogs that I’m looking forward to trying.

If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below! One type of product that I’m looking for is a good heat protectant. I don’t straighten or use heat to curl my hair often so I would like to not spend much on it if possible.Β I have yet to find one that I really like.



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14 thoughts on “Current Favourite Hair Products

  1. I used to use the Marc Anthony Curl Envy but I’d go through the tube SO fast! It’s a great product though. You saw in my empties that I like the Curl Keeper – it’s one of the staples in my hair routine. πŸ™‚

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    • I love it! I love the scent of this particular one. I really don’t like the floral one but that’s just personal scent preference! I just find it a bit too much. This one is light and reminds me of the beach πŸ™‚ I hope you like it if you decide to purchase it!

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