Snapshot Sunday + Weekly Post Recap

Hi guys! I’m really tired so this is going to be a quick one. Another week has come and gone, and I actually don’t have many pictures to go along with today’s post! I caught my husband’s cold so I was sick for the majority of the week. So basically I rested and watched a lot of Netflix.

We also continued to work on the bathroom since we needed to have it functional for Saturday as we were having a party at the house. Since we got all the painting done last week it was mostly things that my husband needed to do but I helped where needed. He installed the flooring (yay!!!!!) and then hooked the plumbing back up.

On Saturday we had a party at our house to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We made it nacho themed so we were making a variety of nachos all night long. I made shredded buffalo chicken, taco meat and bacon for the occasion! The nachos were all delicious and we had a great time. We taught everyone how to play Exploding Kittens (which was a huge hit) and we played Cards Against Humanity.  It was a pretty late night and I’m still a bit sick so that’s why I’m super tired today.

Today is my husband’s actual birthday. We have been resting most of the day so we haven’t done much. We did go out for a lovely dinner at the Caribou though. We were just there last weekend but that is where my husband wanted to go tonight so we went again. Honestly, I can never get tired of that place. It’s always consistently delicious!


My husband and I at last night’s festivities

Well, that’s about it! I hope you all had a lovely week. I’ll try to take more pictures this week to add some more visual appeal to next week’s post! I meant to take pictures of the nachos but they disappeared very quickly each time I put a new batch out!

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