Snapshot Sunday + Weekly Post Recap

Hi guys! Yet another week has quickly come to an end. I feel so much better this week so I’ve been able to squeeze in more exercise now that I can breathe through my nose and have energy. Catching a cold is the worst!

With that said, the week was pretty uneventful. Work was busy but that’s nothing new.

Feb 7-16.jpg

1. My dogs just can’t get enough of each other.. 2. I tried a newish Frozen Yogurt place in town (locally owned) to compare it to my beloved Menchies… unfortunately I just didn’t like it as much! 3. One of my favourite and easiest meals to make… burrito bowls! mmm! 4. Dex putting on a brave face at the vet!

To celebrate the end of yet another work week I enjoyed some wine and Netflix with my husband on Friday after work. Nothing better than a good Bordeaux and some relaxing!

On Saturday we took Dex to the vet for his annual check up. We were there for TWO hours. It was ridiculous.Β We always end up waiting when we go there. I understand that emergencies come in, but I think they overbook the regular appointments. It’s really hard to take the appointment start times seriously. They told us the wait was because we were 3 minutes late for our appointment (we don’t rush there anymore because of the always waiting a minimum of 40 minutes). I really, really doubt that was the reason. Anyways, Dex left with a clean bill of health and a few vaccinations after the 10 minutes we spent with the vet.

After that we took the dog home and then went to go run some errands. Now that the bathroom renovation is almost done we need to pick up a few things for it. We didn’t find everything we needed but I did get a new shower curtain… Is this what being an adult feels like? Sigh.

Later on we relaxed some more and started playing some video games together. One of our favourite pastimes is to play Pokemon on our gameboys together. We both have a different version of the same game and we play through them at the same time. It’s incredibly geeky but super fun. We have played most of them several times.

Today I filmed my Valentines Day inspired tutorial which should be up on Saturday, then I gamed with my husband some more, did some laundry and then went grocery shopping! I have a few more things I need to get done and then it is back to gaming for me!

I hope you all had a great week!

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6 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday + Weekly Post Recap

  1. That’s super annoying that the vet made you wait that long! We have a company here called Vets To Go where they come directly to your house to do vet visits – its awesome! Maggie much prefers that. Glad your pooch is in tip-top shape though! πŸ™‚

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