Ipsy Glam Bag: February


Hi guys! As you know from my last Birchbox Unboxing Post, they have decided to stop service to Canada. Due to that I decided to give Ipsy a shot to replace my subscription so that I can continue a subscription box series on the blog because I love writing it. This is my first Ipsy Glam Bag and I’m surprised to report that I like it far better than any Birchbox I received! Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved Birchbox and the types of items I received were very different from this Ipsy bag. It could be a fluke but I feel like this bag is full of winners.

Let’s dive into what I got this month…

theBalm | Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner in Jac B. Bronze

This is a FULL SIZED eyeliner in a beautiful bronze/gold shade that is SUPER pigmented. I don’t have a shade like this in my collection so I’m super excited about it. I wore this yesterday and it lasted pretty well! It didn’t really hold up much in my water line (not much does) but I always smudge my eyeliner a bit lower as well into the lashline as well and it hasn’t budged.

Luxie | 231 Small Tapered Blending Brush

This is cruelty-free, vegan and paraben free brush with a really cute pink handle. I think this is a bit smaller than my smallest tapered blending brush so I’m happy to add it to my brush collection. It is a full-sized brush too and very, soft!

tres’SiQue | Baby Blush Stick in Coral

This is a very bright coral cream blush stick. I’m not sure how much I would actually use it but if at all, I think it would be more suitable for summer when I’m slightly less fair. I don’t usually use cream blushes since I set everything with a powder, but I’ll give this a try nonetheless. Maybe it will surprise me?

Pure Brazilian | Deep Conditioning Mask

This is a hair mask that repairs, hydrates and nourishes hair. Since I colour my hair and it is curly it tends to get a bit dry so I’m excited to try this out! It smells great too, although I can’t pin point what it smells like.

Jor’el Parker | Eau so Divine

This perfume has notes of sandalwood, lily of the valley, Egyptian myrrh and Madagascar vanilla. Based on a quick sniff I actually like it, which surprises me since I’m pretty picky when it comes to perfumes. I don’t normally like sandalwood. I can’t wear scents to work though so I wasn’t able to put any on yet. Some scents give me a headache so I can’t say if this one does or not.


tres’SiQue Baby Blush Stick in Coral and theBalm Mr. Write (Now) in Jac B. Bronze

Okay so the bottom line is that I am very impressed. I do wish they included a card in the bag that has a description of the contents like Birchbox does. Not a deal breaker but I appreciated being able to refer to it while I blogged rather than going on their website to look up each item. I got two full-sized items which I think is the real winning point. Is every month this great? If you’ve been a subscriber for awhile please let me know in the comments if this is normal. Either way, I look forward to next month!

Did you receive an Ipsy Glam Bag this month? If so, let me know what you got in the comments down below!



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6 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag: February

  1. Awesome bag, ESPECIALLY the bag itself!
    And a full sized theBalm liner is awesome, and in a wearable shade too! The brush looks great as well.
    In general, I think Ipsy is one of the better beauty bags out there – if I was to get one subscription, I’d definitely consider it.

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    • Yes I agree, the bag itself is great! As a video game geek I love it! I think Ipsy so far is much better! I did enjoy Birchbox though, the samples were more brands that I didn’t have much exposure too. But I’m excited to switch things up with Ipsy, especially if the bags are all this great!!

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  2. Well they set the bar high for your first month that’s for sure! I’m so tempted to sign up for a monthly beauty subscription in addition to my quarterly Luxe Box but I shouldn’t. Its just so fun getting packages in the mail! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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