Love for Lipstick: Marc Jacobs Beauty “Le Marc Lip Créme Lipstick”


Hi guys! I’m back with another post for my Love for Lipstick Series and today I am going to review the Marc Jacobs Beauty “Le Marc Créme Lipstick” in the shade Je T’Aime that I hauled when I started this series. This was a line that I really wanted to try as I’ve been impressed with various reviews and swatches that I have seen online.

So, like my previous Love For Lipstick post, I am going to take you through a work day of wearing this lipstick so that we can talk about the wear time.

marc jacobs.jpg
1. 8:00 am: Freshly Applied 2. 12:30 pm: After eating breakfast and lunch 3. 5:00 pm: After sipping water and tea during the afternoon

This lipstick applied so beautifully. It is very pigmented so it just needed one swipe and it felt very creamy. My lips always felt hydrated throughout the day even though it dried down to a demi-matte finish. Although it did progressively look a bit more worn at each check in, there was pigment on my lips the whole time and it didn’t really look patchy at all. I also found while initially it did leave a mark when I drank anything, it stopped doing that by the afternoon.

I also absolutely love this colour. It is described as “rum raspberry” on the Sephora website and that was enough to convince me that I needed it. It’s a warm shade but it is versatile enough to go with a variety of looks. I’ve worn it both with a bold warm eye look or with a very neutral look as well.

The packaging is very sleek and the cap has a magnet which is a nice touch. It is a lot wider than your average lipstick. This lipstick does not fit in my normal lipstick holder which is a bit of a bummer. That’s really my only complaint. It is unnecessarily wide but I love it enough to forgive that.

So overall, I love this product and I definitely want to pick up more of them. They are pricy, but I am willing to pay for a lipstick that lasts all day that doesn’t require any touch up. You really do get more out of your products when you aren’t reapplying them constantly and using more product.

Have you tried any amazing lipsticks lately? Let me know in the comments down below!



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5 Replies to “Love for Lipstick: Marc Jacobs Beauty “Le Marc Lip Créme Lipstick””

  1. This is a gorgeous colour! And impressive staying power too – wow. I’ve not tried any of Marc Jacobs’ lipsticks but I’ve been reading great reviews on them… I’m tempted to try one of the sheer nude ones he has out now.

    1. Yeah I was super impressed considering I ate a buttery bagel for breakfast and I had a creamy pasta at lunch, the oils didn’t affect it much at all! I definitely want to grab more of these! I’ve heard good things about the sheer nudes too so I’ll have to check those out as well!

  2. Wow I’m impressed that it lasted all day!! I’ve never had a lipstick that lasted like that before. I will have to try one!

    1. I’ve been having really good luck with the lipsticks I purchased last month! The NARS one and the Bite Beauty ones had similar wear times as well. Though this one was probably the best so far!

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