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Hi guys! I’m back with another post for my Love for Lipstick Series! For this series, I am hauling, reviewing and comparing various lipsticks from across the board. This is all in an effort of expanding my horizons and trying different brands.

Today, I’m looking at Essence which is a brand I hadn’t previously tried. But since it is the Canadian Beauty Blogger‘s Featured Brand, I thought I would grab some lip products and try them out. It’s a very, very inexpensive brand which, if you’re Canadian, you can find at Shopper’s Drug Mart! I’m not sure which stores sell it in other countries.

Essence Longlasting LipstickEssence Lipliner

I’m very impressed with the wear-time of these lipsticks! I used the Satin Mauve Lipliner as a base and then applied the Longlasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty over top and it wore beautifully throughout the day. When I checked in around noon I had been drinking tea and water all morning and my lipstick looks flawless. At the end of the day, at my last check-in there is quite a bit less pigment but I had ate lunch and continued to drink water throughout the afternoon. It did fade very evenly though.

Essence Natural Beauty
1. Freshly applied at 8:00 AM 2. Noon check-in, 4 hours of wear-time 3. End of the day check-in, 9 hours of wear-time

I found this combination did not feel too dry at all on the lips. I applied my usual lip balm before hand which always helps keep my lips from feeling dry when I wear matte lipsticks. Usually I might feel a bit of a drying effect later on the day and will feel the need to wear lip balm but this did not make me feel like that at all!

Essence Longlasting Lipstick Swatches
Essence Longlasting Lipstick: Natural Beauty and Nude Love
Essence Lipliner Swatches
Essence Lipliners: In the Nude, Satin Mauve and Wish Me a Rose

Overall, I’m very impressed. These lip products were all very, very inexpensive and felt like they were of a high quality. I will definitely purchase more next time I am at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Have you tried any Essence lip products? Let me know in the comments down below. Also, make sure you check out the other Canadian Beauty Blogger’s posts about Essence! They talk about many other products from the Essence line.



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21 Replies to “Love for Lipstick: Essence Lip Products”

  1. I love essence! One of their lipsticks is my all time fave beating my nars and mac ones!! Now thats saying something!

    1. Yeah I’m so impressed so far! I’ll need to grab more!! 🙂

      1. My favourite lipstick shade is “barely there” x

  2. I had a few Essence lip glosses and lipsticks over the years and they’re REALLY nice quality for the price! I remember the lip glosses weren’t sticky at all and smelled like candy. I was impressed that something costing less than $5 feels so nice on the lips, don’t stink like chemicals and offers a great selection of colours! I should look into picking some up again.

    1. I definitely feel like I need more of their products! I heard someone raving about their mascara on YouTube so I think that will be the next thing I try! I love when quality products don’t break the bank! 🙂

      1. I want to try their mascaras too! What I don’t like is that their products aren’t safety sealed so people sometimes open them up. There’s a Shoppers that always put tape around the caps so that’s where I’d get mine!

  3. Essence really is an amazing brand. Great quality, low prices – just what we want! 🙂

    1. Absolutely!! I’m looking forward to trying more of their products! 🙂

  4. I’ve got and love a few of the liners and lipsticks as well! Especially for the price! The glosses are pretty great too! And I kinda like some of the gel eyeliners; they’re not bad for the price. I’ve heard good things about a mascara they make but I haven’t tried it yet. Awesome post! xo

    1. I’ve heard great things about a mascara they make too! It’s on my list of things that I need to pick up! I had one of the gel liners and I paid for it, but somehow it never made it home with me? I noticed a few days later… it must have not been put in the bag 🙁 good thing it was only a few dollars… Lesson learned!

      1. That happened to me at shoppers yesterday! Except it wasn’t makeup, it was ant spray lol!

  5. Essence definitely makes some great products, I’ve never tried any of their lipsticks though! They look lovely! I always seem to pick up at least one product of theirs to try when I’m in Shoppers, you can’t beat their prices! 💸

    1. I agree! Definitely can’t beat their prices for sure! I’m definitely going to start picking up more of their products, that’s for sure! 🙂

  6. I love essence lipliners and lipsticks. 💋

    1. I do now too! They are fantastic!

    1. Yeah they are great! So impressed so far!!

  7. Their lipliners are amazing aren’t they…. I love them!

    1. Yes, I’m loving them so far! And, they are super affordable too! 🙂

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