Mani Monday

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Hi guys! It’s time for another Mani Monday! Today I have a new polish that I picked up from the recently launched OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. After much debate I decided to just pick up the light purple shade, I’m Gown for Anything! I thought it was a fairly unique shade and it seemed to appeal most to me. However, once I applied the polish it felt so familiar. It seemed identical to OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin from the Shrek Forever After collection in 2010. That polish has been long discontinued though so if you don’t own it, this polish is for you! I’ll be comparing them side by side at the end of this post.

Products Used:

OPI Chip Skip
OPI Nail Envy Original (1 coat)
OPI I’m Gown for Anything! (2 coats)
Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat (1 coat)


OPI I'm Gown for Anything vs. Rumple's Wiggin'.jpg
L to R: Rumple’s Wiggin’ and I’m Gown for Anything!

So, let’s take a second and compare the two polishes. I’m Gown for Anything! has a much better formula than Rumple’s Wiggin’. It is smoother and more opaque. It requires one less coat when applying it. It’s also just a shade lighter and brighter. I wouldn’t say you necessarily need both in your collection, but I’m Gown for Anything! does seem superior. If you have been on the hunt for Rumple’s Wiggin’ then look no further, this polish is a great substitute. It is limited edition though so it will not be around forever.

What do you have on your nails today? Let me know in the comments down below!



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9 Replies to “Mani Monday”

  1. Lovely lilac shade! I probably have something similar lying around….
    It’s honestly gotten to the point that every polish I buy from a mainstream brand is a dupe of one I already own. Case in point, last night I applied OPI Hello Hawaii Ya? which is a greyish purple creme and just like the 5 others I have in this shade (Color Club Uptown Girl, Illamasqua Stagnant, Essie merino cool, Sephora Perfect etc etc…)
    I think I need to branch out into indie brands! 😛

    1. Yeah I don’t really buy nail polish that much anymore because I’ve gotten to a point where a lot of them either aren’t that original or just don’t appeal to me but I had some Chatters “points” banked up so I grabbed 2 that looked different and alas I end up with an almost dupe! Good thing I love purple! 🙂

      1. We don’t have Chatters here. I was in London a while back and saw one… of course no one wanted to stop off there with me. 😛

    1. Thanks, I agree!! xoxo

  2. Lovely lilac tones. It gives a very eleguant touch 😊

    Sabrina ||

    1. I agree! It’s a beautiful colour!

  3. […] another Mani Monday! I bought two nail polishes a few weeks ago, the first one I posted in my last Mani Monday, so today I have the second one which is OPI Show Us Your Tips! It is a shimmery periwinkle shade […]

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