Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Haul

Urban Decay-Bang-Streak-Bittersweet-Native1

Hi guys! If you didn’t already know, Urban Decay is discontinuing all of their current Revolution Lipsticks in anticipation of their new Vice Lipsticks. I’ve mentioned it a few times since I started the blog, but the Revolution Lipsticks are up there with my all-time favourite formulas. While I’m super sad to see them go, and super hopeful that the new formula will be just as good, if not better, I am happy to report that they put their entire Revolution line on sale! Sephora (Canada) is all sold out of the Revolution Lipsticks online as far as I can tell but Urban Decay still has a decent selection. I’m not adding this as part of my Love for Lipstick Series since these are discontinued, but, I did want to share with you what I chose…

Urban Decay-Bang-Streak-Bittersweet-Native3

L to R: Bittersweet (matte), Native, Streak and Bang

Urban Decay-Bang-Streak-Bittersweet-Native2

L to R: Bittersweet (matte), Native, Streak and Bang

Urban Decay-Bang-Streak-Bittersweet-Native

I actually haven’t tried the matte formula yet, which is a huge surprise considering I love matte lipsticks. I don’t know why I didn’t jump on these sooner. However, there will be a matte finish to the new Vice Lipsticks so I’m looking forward to trying those as well. I can’t wait to try these new lipsticks and incorporate them into some looks! Also, I can’t wait for the new Vice lipsticks which launch on June 5, 2016. I’m sure I’ll be picking up a few when they launch!

Are you going to try to pick up any of the remaining Revolution Lipsticks? Which ones are you most interested in? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments down below!



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4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Haul

  1. What the heck, I *just* recently got a Revolution lipstick and I quite like the formula and they go and discontinue them? I like the packaging of them too! 😛
    Awesome picks – I think Bittersweet will look stunning on you!
    I browsed the UD site but nothing jumped out at me from the colours that are still available. I might check Shoppers to see if they have Liar – that was the shade I was most interested in!

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    • I’ve heard some shoppers still have a good selection left! I hope you find the Liar! That was always a shade i was interested in but never got around to purchasing. I’m really hoping the new formula is as great as this one was… I’m also sad because my 2 favourite shades so far haven’t carried over to the new line 😦 I definitely prefer this packaging to the new one…. but I can’t wait to grab some of the new ones to do a comparison of the formulas!

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  2. Nice picks! I love that you got your hands on a variety of shades 🙂
    By the time I looked online/made it to the mall last week to check out the lipsticks, my holy grail MLBB Liar was all gone, and the rest of lipsticks looked terrible on me. Scoured the city’s Sephoras and Shopper’s looking for Liar, lol!

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