Ipsy Hits & Misses


Hi guys! I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the items I’ve received from Ipsy over the past few months. Generally I give a first impression of everything when I post my “unboxing” but today I’m going to go back and chat about some of the items that I’ve used that were hits and some that were misses for me. I have lots that I could talk about, but I’ve narrowed it down to six for today. There will be more posts like this one, so stay tuned! Most of the items I’m talking about today were in more recent Ipsy Glam Bags but I do have items from my first few which will be in my next post of this series!

Tarte | Lipsurgence Lip Cream in Wonder


This is a beautiful pinky red lip crayon that provides full pigmentation but is also moisturizing. It’s super easy to apply since it is a crayon applicator and it’s great for throwing on before you run out the door. I raved about this in my June Favourites so my verdict on this one should be easy to predict…

Verdict? Hit!

Urban Decay | Eyeshadow in Fireball


This is a shimmery peach shadow with a pink shift. It’s pigmented and soft to apply. I’ve been obsessed with this since I got it and need to order the full size! All you need for this is a transition shade in the crease and this shadow all over the lid!

Verdict? Hit!

Liptini | Satin Lip Color in Pink-Tini


This is a cream lip product that came in a pan. The packaging was difficult to open and the product itself is stiff and hard to apply. I can’t see myself reaching for this ever.

Verdict? Miss!

Crown Brush | 3 Tone Bronzer


This product is a bronzer, blush and highlight. The pigmentation is decent, however since the product is so small its hard to use each individual shade. Also, if you swirl your finger in there to get all three, the shades leave some of their pigmentation on each other.

Verdict? Miss!

Formula X | Wingwoman


This is a red nail polish that surprised me! I don’t normally wear red nail polishes but this one impressed me because of it’s formula. It was a one coater and it held up pretty well too! I’m definitely going to try more Formula X Nail Polishes! You can find the manicure I did with this nail polish here!

Verdict? Hit!

What are some of your favourite (or least favourite) items you have received in an Ipsy Glam Bag? I would love to hear about it in the comments down below!



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6 thoughts on “Ipsy Hits & Misses

  1. I like seeing what people think of their subscription box items after they’ve used it for a while. Since most posts on them are about unboxing, I don’t really get to hear about how they get on with the products. Looks like you have nearly equal amount of hits vs misses – not bad, I guess!

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    • Yeah I tried to keep it balanced, I have a few more posts like this in the works but I’m trying to keep them balanced rather than one being all positive and one being all negative lol I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile after all the unboxings but life got in the way. I think overall Ipsy-wise I’ll likely end up with more hits than misses, they have been pretty on-the-ball with products that I like so far!


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