Quick Announcement!

Hi guys! I’m getting into the final stages of being ready to launch my new self-hosted blog. The last step is the DNS transfer so that you’ll be directed to the new website when you go to my URL, I’ll be putting in this request shortly and it can take a day or two to finalize.

With that said, when the new website launches there will be an exciting giveaway! You can either keep checking back at http://lipstickonthelake.com or you can keep an eye on my Twitter for the announcement. I’m hoping to have the website live by Wednesday or Thursday this week!

I’m getting excited to start posting again!!!

Have a wonderful week!



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11 thoughts on “Quick Announcement!

    • This isn’t the new website, this is still the original. Unfortunately you won’t be able to follow it the same way you currently do since it won’t be hosted on WordPress anymore. Once the DNS transfer happens (24 to 48 hours) this url will start directing there and my posts won’t be in your WordPress feed unless you add my blog, I posted a how-to link a post or two ago 🙂 or there is always Bloglovin, Facebook or Twitter 🙂 I’ve also added a feature to the new website to subscribe by email, so far it’s pretty basic until I become more familiar with html but I can completely customize it which is great! I’m super excited for the new website to launch though, it’s great being able to fully customize everything 🙂

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      • Oh yes the new ones are through commentluv.. hmm. Weird that it’s showing up over here because this post isn’t on the new website lol this process has been interesting. I thought I was tech savvy but there’s still a lot to learn… lol thank goodness Site Ground (new host) has the most amazing customer service ever!

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    • Thanks! That might be the link I put in a few posts ago but I’ll double check once my laptop has finished charging lol as you can imagine I’ve been on it a lot lately! The transfer was pretty smooth but there are random characters hidden throughout my posts lol… it’s like playing I Spy for gibberish :-/

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      • Oh I plan on it! The resources I read prior to the start of this project made it seem so simple and next thing I knew a glass of wine appeared in front of me and I was chatting with Site Grounds customer service at 11 pm haha… Definitely want to pay what I learned forward!


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