Love of Reading: July Edition


Hi guys! I’m re-naming my “book club” series to “Love of Reading”, I think it has a nicer catch to it and it really sums up how I feel about reading. I really thought I would do more reading in the month of July, but then Pokemon Go happened. I didn’t spend as much time at the cottage as I thought I would, but I was walking around the city with my husband averaging about 25,000 steps a day so, at least I was active! I did by some stroke of a miracle made my goal of reading two books this month though, so yay!

The One & Only by Emily Giffin


I’ve always enjoyed Emily Giffin’s books and what I liked about this one is that it seemed different than her other books. This one was very much centred around college football. Something that is totally out of my zone of things I know anything about. I think that is what I found interesting about it and kept me hooked. The One & Only is about Shea and her passion for college football. Her best friend, Lucy’s, father is an award winning football coach so she grew up with a love for the sport. When Lucy’s mother passes away from cancer it starts a chain reaction that changes all of their lives. It’s a fairly light read that is great for a day at the beach!

 Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon


I read Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander last summer at camp and meant to read the second book in the series right away but for some reason didn’t get to it. I finally picked it up and thoroughly enjoyed it. I won’t go into much detail as it’s a sequel and if you haven’t read the first, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you.

The first book, Outlander, is about Claire Randall, a war nurse in 1945 who is on a second honeymoon with her husband in Scotland. During this trip she is hurled back in time to a Scotland that is being torn apart by war in 1743. There she meets someone who shows her such love that she ends up torn between two very men who hundreds of years apart. I absolutely loved Outlander and was not disappointed by Dragonfly in Amber. It started off a bit slow, but once it took off I couldn’t put it down.

So, those are the two books I read in July for my Love of Reading series. If you read anything interesting or if you have any suggestions let’s chat in the comments down below! You can find the rest of my Love of Reading posts here!



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