Ipsy: Hits & Misses, Vol 2


Hi guys! Not too long ago I wrote a post called Ipsy: Hits & Misses where I went over some of the items I’ve received so far from my Ipsy subscription. Through this post I did a few mini reviews and went over which items worked for me and which didn’t. It seemed quite well-received so I’m back with volume two!

theBalm | Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner in Jac B. Bronze


This is a beautiful bronzy/gold eyeliner and while I do enjoy it, I don’t wear it all that much. It has great pigmentation and it does wear quite well! I just wish I wore it more, I just never think to wear a bronze eye liner. I do like the way it looks on me though.

Verdict? Hit (but I need to use it more!)

Luxie | 231 Small Tapered Blending Brush


This is a great blending brush for eye shadow that I’ve enjoyed using for my crease or for blending a shade into the outer-v. This brush is also a stunning light pink shade and features soft synthetic bristles.

Verdict? Hit!

Trust Fund Beauty | That Glo Tho Face Highlighter


This is a soft pinky-champagne highlighter that comes in a creamy stick format. It has some subtle glitter on it but blended out, it isn’t anything over-the-top. I don’t usually wear cream highlights since I’m oily so I set everything with a powder so I usually wear this with a second powder highlight on top. #doublehighlight

Verdict? Hit! (with a powder on top)

BioRepublic | Fiber Mask Set (Illuminating and Soothing)


I don’t wear a lot of sheet masks, but I do thoroughly enjoy using them! These masks smell amazing and feel great on the skin. The left-over product sinks right into your skin after you remove the mask to keep the benefits going. My skin definitely felt less dull (illuminating) and calm (soothing) after using these masks.

Verdict? Hit!

tre’SiQue | Baby Blush Stick in Coral tres’SiQue | Baby Blush Stick in Coral


This is a cream blush and is a peachy shade. I’m not usually one to wear cream blushes so I haven’t worn this much. I went to open it again to try it and the whole blush fell out of the packaging. Pretty colour but I just don’t like this formula for blushes personally.

Verdict? Miss!

What are some of your favourite (or least favourite) items you have received in an Ipsy Glam Bag? I would love to hear about it in the comments down below!



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4 thoughts on “Ipsy: Hits & Misses, Vol 2

    • I’ve received 2 Luxie brushes so far and I’ve really liked them! They have really cute coloured handles and they are really soft too!


  1. This is such a good series because often times you don’t see people talk about the items after the unboxing.
    Hmm a bronze eyeliner, I’d never think to wear a light colour like that. I bet it would look amazing on the waterline, then line the lash line in black, it would pop really well!


    • Thanks! It’s been something I had been meaning to do since I started receiving subscriptions but better now then never 🙂 I still have so many more products I want to talk about!

      The bronze liner definitely looks great in the waterline, I just need to remember to wear it! Omg, yes, in the waterline with black on the lash line sounds amazing. I’m going to do that ASAP.


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