Tonight: Beauty Podcast


Hi guys! Tonight is an extra special night… I’ve been tweeting, instagraming and posting on Facebook about how I would be appearing on an upcoming episode of Cat Forsley’s Beauty Podcast and tonight is finally the night!!!

Listen to the MyLipAddiction Beauty Podcast here:

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You can find me over on Twitter tonight to chat during the podcast so you can find me over at @lipstick_robyn if you would like to join in!

This was such an amazing opportunity and it was a lot of fun to record with Cat! We chat about favourite fall trends and my makeup haul from last weekend. As well, we discuss the creation of Lipstick on the Lake and each blogger’s unique voice. I hope you check it out, as well as her previous episodes! It really is a great podcast, I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

A huge thank you to Cat for having me on her podcast! It truly is an amazing thing that you do and your passion for what you do echoes through each episode. You can tune in Thursdays at 7 pm EST!

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12 thoughts on “Tonight: Beauty Podcast

    • I did the Perfect Palette Tag on my YouTube Channel a few months ago, is there another one? I think I saw a 2nd version of that tag floating around.

      I think I’m going to do a feature on my palettes in the fall at some point, just trying to decide if I want to do an actual post or if I want to do a video… decisions, decisions!


  1. Finally got around to listening to this! It’s so interesting hearing bloggers’ voices for the first time, and learning that they either sound exactly how you thought they would, or not at all like they thought you would, lol.
    This chat was so much fun! Have you ever done a ‘my eye shadow palette collection post or video? Palettes are my weakness too and I would love to see that!
    So impressive that you only stick to your list whenever you go to Sephora and don’t get anything extra! If I didn’t have easy access to Sephora, I’d probably go crazy every time I got a chance to go in.


    • I’m actually thinking about doing either a post or a video on my eye shadow palette collection for the fall! Just haven’t decided which I want to do (post vs. video), I feel like both will be super long!

      I think part of the reason I have to be so organized about Sephora is because since it’s such a rare occurrence I could so easily go overboard lol Occasionally I stray from my list but I usually have a budget and specific items in mind to keep me in line! lol


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