Ipsy Glam Bag: August


Hi guys! I feel like I just got/wrote about my July Ipsy Glam Bag, but I suppose that is because it was delayed due to the potential Canada Post strike. So, much to my surprise, my August Ipsy Glam Bag arrived today! I don’t want to discourage you from reading this post, but I have to say upfront, this is the most underwhelming Ipsy Glam Bag I’ve received to date. I’ve loved and raved about this one but when I opened it and I just felt “meh” about the contents. Now, that’s not to say that I don’t like anything in it or want to try them, there just wasn’t anything super exciting in it. The actual bag itself is really cool though, it was designed by Michelle Phan who is the founder of Ipsy.


Dermelect | “ME” Peptide Infused Nail Lacquer in the shade Unscripted


I’m starting with this item as it intrigues me the most. This is a 5-free nail polish that infused with peptides to strengthen weak nails. It also claims to stand up to chips and splitting “like armour”. It’s a violet-pink shade which I quite like and off the top of my head, I’m not sure that I own anything similar! I’ll need to feature this in an upcoming Mani Monday so that we can chat about the formula and how it applies.

Sally’s Box | Secret Garden Ampoule Masks


These sheet masks are an interesting concept. They come with a serum to use first so that you get a “double shot” of hydration. I got two masks, there is an olive oil mask to nourish skin and in turn lessen the appearance of fine lines. The second is a camellia oil mask to provide a radiant glow. They also claim that their microfibres in the mask deliver serum to your skin quicker and deeper. I don’t usually purchase sheet masks so I appreciate receiving them in an Ipsy bag.

Lord & Berry | 20100 MaxiMatte Crayon Lipstick in the shade Intimacy


I do love lipsticks, in particular matte ones so this product is a good pick for me. However, the shade, while it is very pretty, just isn’t jumping out at me. I feel like I have other similar shades. I’ll have to try it on the lips to see if that changes my mind. This subtle pink shade is supposed to go with everything and be perfect for summer and fall. I guess my mind just goes to brights for summer and nudey-browns for fall. Anyways, the matte formula is said to be moisturizing and softening so that it does not dry out your lips. As well, it is supposed to be long-lasting as well.

It Haircare | 12-in-One Amazing Serum


This is a hair serum made with twelve, yes, twelve, exotic oils to de-frizz, hydrate and add shine to your hair. The formula claims to be non-sticky to add a bit of a light hold and body to your hair. Silk Amino Acids are in this product to repair and strengthen over-processed hair. Sunflower seed extract is another ingredient in this product which thickens strands. I don’t really use serums, but my hair is frizzy, so maybe this will end up being a win?

NYX | Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam


I don’t really use liquid illuminators, and this ones shade just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s quite dark, warm and peachy. The other option they were sending out was a light pink which would have suited my skin tone better. I really can’t see myself using this shade so I’ll probably pass this along to a friend who isn’t as fair as I am. Anyways, this is a blendable liquid highlight that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Okay, so that was my Ipsy Glam Bag for the month of August! Hopefully my September bag is a little more exciting! Did you receive an Ipsy Glam Bag this month? Let’s chat about what you got in the comments down below!



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11 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag: August

  1. The design on the bag is so pretty and feminine!
    Can I just say how cute the packaging of the sheet masks are? Love the illustrations on the front. What an interesting idea to use serum first, too!
    The NYX highlighter is gorgeous – it’s really too bad it’s too dark and warm-toned for your fair skin. It’s unfortunate you didn’t get the other shade!


    • Yeah the design on the bag and the sheet mask packaging are both amazing. I’m really quite intrigued to try the sheet masks.

      I ended up giving the NYX highlighter to a co-worker today. I’m shocked that I ended up with the dark one since my profile on Ipsy shows me as like the lightest skin tone possible, haha! At least someone else might get some use out of it 🙂


  2. I agree, this month didn’t look all that exciting, although the sheet masks sound interesting! That lip pencil looks super patchy – hopefully it looks better once applied! 🤔


    • I’ve worn the lip pencil once, it looked fine on the lips, just nothing spectacular! I am looking forward to the sheet masks though. I’m going to give my skin some major TLC before I head off on my road trip to the west coast later on this week. My skin is going to hate me while I’m on the road and camping.


  3. I’m surprised you don’t like that color of NYX! It works sort of as a shimmer blush/contour/highlight all in one on my uber-paleness. Which considering I’m happy without any of them, is nice because it caters to my laziness xD But I also just enjoy the coral peachy tones in general when it comes to blush. I’ve never gotten light pinks to look cute. Maybe it’s just personal taste for how we like seeing ourselves 🙂


    • That’s true that it would work for as a blush/contour/highlight! Honestly I don’t wear a lot of liquid/cream products like this because of my oiliness, but it found a new home with one of my co-workers so it will be well-loved 🙂


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