August Favourites: Makeup, Skincare & More!


Hi guys! How in the heck is August over? Where did summer go?? I almost don’t want to write this in hope’s that I can just pretend that August didn’t end yet. But, alas, it is time to talk about my August Favourites!


Too Faced | Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette


This little palette is amazing. The shadows perform well and although it is a neutral palette and a small one at that, it is quite versatile. I did a post on it here where I showed five different looks done using this palette and did a full review with swatches.

NYX | Eyebrow Gel in Blonde


This is a fairly new makeup item in my arsenal but I can tell it is a favourite already. I think this may even make my 2016 favourites list if I may be that bold. A few weeks ago my sister went to a wedding and when I saw her earlier that day her brows were the definition of “on fleek”. She told me pointed me in the direction the NYX Eyebrow Gel and WOW. I love it. It’s so easy to use and it fills in my brows just right. Most days I don’t even bother with adding a clear gel to set them. This product claims to be water-proof, smudge-resistant and long-lasting and I can safely say all those claims are true.


I actually don’t think I have a new skincare favourite to share with you this month! I’m trying some new products right now but, they haven’t been tested enough to determine if they are a favourite or not.


Gwen Stefani | Obsessed

It should be no surprise that one of my favourite random things this month is a Gwen Stefani song considering I went to see her in concert earlier this month. This song is so catchy and I listen to it at least every day. Beauty Podcast

My week would not be complete without the latest instalment of Cat’s Podcast! Her guests are always really interesting and Cat, herself, is a joy to listen to. I was actually on this podcast earlier this month as well but I was a listener before I was a guest! I highly recommend checking it out! She airs new episodes every Thursday at 7 pm est (currently on break until the fall but you can catch up on previous episodes) on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher & Buzzsprout!

Well, those are my August Favourites! I would love to hear what yours are so please let me know in the comments below!



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6 thoughts on “August Favourites: Makeup, Skincare & More!

    • Yeah its a beautiful palette, I heard it’s permanent, so sure sucky that it’s an Ulta exclusive though. I had to have my parents check for it on 3 different trips to the states, seems like a hot commodity lol


  1. Your brow game has been STRONG lately! I was going to comment just now on your Essence mascara post!
    Gosh it seems like yesterday that you were on Beauty Podcast! Crazy how time flies.


    • Aw thanks! It’s all thanks to my sister’s brow recommendation! You literally use a tiny drop so I feel like that NYX tube will last forever! And yes time FLIES! It really does feel like just yesterday my episode, or yours too, aired!


    • I had never tried a brow product like this either but my sister’s brows looked so amazing I had to pick it up. You need to use a brush with it, and just a tiny dot of it on your hand is all you need 🙂


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