YouTube Made Me Buy It


Hi guys! The concept of the “YouTube Made Me Buy It!” post is nothing new, but I haven’t done one yet and as an avid YouTube-watcher I thought this would be fun! So let’s take a stroll through some of my past makeup purchases that I was convinced I needed from watching YouTube!

Too Faced | Chocolate Bar Palette


When I started getting into watching YouTube more, this product was already out. I wasn’t convinced I needed it right away as I had all three of the Urban Decay Naked palettes already. But, KathleenLights won me over with her constant praise of this palette. Do I regret buying it? Not at all, I love this palette! Plus, it smells like chocolate.

L’Oreal | Pro-Matte Foundation


I am someone who needs a matte foundation so when I started to see this pop-up all over YouTube I knew I needed to try it. I believe I first saw it on Young, Wild & Polished’s channel. Do I regret buying it? Nope! This is my go-to drugstore foundation. I’ve probably gone through 5 or 6 tubes of this!

Becca | Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed)


YouTube was where I first heard of Becca and their widely loved highlights. I’ve seen these on so many channels so it’s hard to say where I saw them first. Jaclyn Hill was definitely one of the main enablers though with all her collaborations with Becca. The first one I picked up was the Champagne Glow Palette which had 3 different ones in it, and I’ve subsequently bought Moonstone and the Champagne Collection Face Palette which features two. Do I regret buying them? Clearly not if I’ve purchased more than one! Definitely love them a lot!

Too Faced | Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks


I bought two of these after KathleenLights did a swatch video of most, if not all, of the shades in this range. This was the first liquid formula lipstick that I ever purchased, actually! Do I regret buying them? Kind of. I don’t wear them often at all. The shades I picked are gorgeous and I love how they look on the lips but I don’t find them long wearing at all. I much prefer a matte lip! I do love their melted mattes though!

Kat Von D | Monarch Palette


I saw this palette a lot on Young, Wild & Polished’s channel around the time I started watching her. I was instantly drawn in by the beautiful warm shades which were unique to my baby-sized collection at that time. Do I regret buying it? Not a chance. This is by far one of my favourite palettes. I’m still a little crushed that it has been discontinued.

Well, I think I’ll have to do a part 2 of this are some point because there are definitely other products in my collection that were purchased because I saw a rave review on YouTube. I don’t usually end up regretting many of my makeup purchases as I usually research quite a bit before ordering things. Most of the products that I don’t like are samples that came from subscriptions.

Anyways, what is a product YouTube made you buy? Let me know in the comments down below!



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11 thoughts on “YouTube Made Me Buy It

  1. Youtube made me buy Champagne Pop and I kind of wish I didn’t – it’s beautiful but it doesn’t last on my skin at all. Plus it’s a little too intense for me.

    I love the Chocolate Bar palette too – I pulled it out this week after using my Lorac palette for over a month straight. The chocolate scent makes me happy! 🙂


    • I’ve found since I started using the Nivea Post Shave balm my highlights last so much longer! I find I mostly mix Champagne Pop with Pearl since I have them in the same set.

      I need to pull my Chocolate Bar Palette once I’m done my 7 days of using the KVD MetalMatte challenge I’m doing for a future post!


      • I need to pull out the Shave Balm – I tried it once and hated it, and promptly abandoned it. But I don’t think I applied it correctly, you’re supposed to rub it in until it feels tacky right?


      • I use a very small amount and yeah rub it in until it gets tacky which I find doesn’t take as long as they exaggerate on YouTube. Especially if you use like… a dime sized amount. I hated it the first time I used it too. It does nothing for my oil. But my makeup itself is basically glued to my face lol


  2. I love my Chocolate Bar palette. Such a great formula– I use it more than my UD Nakeds. Also ended up picking up the L’oreal foundation recently and while I love the coverage I find it a bit drying. Super pretty, but drying.


    • I pretty much flip flop between the Chocolate Bar Palette and the UD Naked Palettes but there’s some definite favourite material shades in the CB Palette! I’m pretty oily so I love the dryingness of the Pro-Matte! Haha


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  4. I bought the Becca highlighter because of all the hype and while I like it, I don’t reach for it often because the highlight effect is so STRONG! I just have to touch a fan brush against the pan and it’s enough product for both cheeks. I can’t imagine anyone ever using up one of those pans… in 5 lifetimes.
    I’m thinking of getting the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette during the Sephora VIB sale. It’s definitely a YouTube / Bloggers made me consider buying it item! 😛


    • Oh yeah I can’t ever imagine someone using up or even hitting pan on a Becca highlight! I like piling on the highlight and mine all look brand new lol

      The Semi Sweet is actually the only Chocolate Bar Palette I don’t own! I’ve had it on my Sephora loves list forever and just haven’t picked it up yet! Not that I need another palette but… I know I’ll end up buying it at some point!


  5. I wish those Too Faced Melted lipsticks worked for me. I tried a few on in stores and it looked like I smeared different colours of tar all over my lips? I guess I’m just not used to the texture.
    I’ve been coveting the Chocolate Bar palettes every time one of them comes out! Not sure if I really need another eye shadow palette – I’ll never get through all of the ones I already own in my lifetime :/


    • Yeah I didn’t find what was so fantastic about them either, they never really seemed to dry down!

      I totally hear you on not needing another eye shadow palette, I wouldn’t be able to go through all of mine in multiple lifetimes haha but… I keep buying them haha… there’s something about palettes I find super inspiring!


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