5 Drugstore Makeup Essentials


Hi guys! While indulging in mid end to high end makeup is fun, it isn’t always financially feasible. Shopping for makeup at the drugstore can also yield some hidden gems that work just as well, if not better than their pricier counterpart. Today I want to share with you some of my drugstore makeup essentials and why I love them so much. Before we get into it, it’s important to note that everyone has different skin tones so not everything I share will work for all. Personally, I have normal to oily skin that gets super shiny throughout the day.

L’Oreal Pro-Matte Foundation

L'Oreal Pro-Matte Foundation

I’ve sung the praises of this foundation time and time again. I’ve gone through so many tubes of the L’Oreal Pro-Matte Foundation. It truly makes a difference in keeping my skin matte, while also maintaining a natural finish to the skin. It has medium coverage so it evens out my skin tone and hides any minor blemishes or imperfections. As well, it lasts throughout the day.

Maybelline | Matte + Poreless Translucent Powder

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Translucent Powder

As you can tell from the photo, this product is well loved. It is the other half of my mattifying dream team (paired with the L’Oreal Pro-Matte Foundation above) and thus securing it’s place on my list of drugstore makeup essentials. I love this product because it is is translucent so it doesn’t change the colour of my foundation or appear cakey. In fact, it is nearly undetectable on the face. This product not only keeps my oil at bay throughout the day but it also sets my foundation and concealer.

Nivea Men | After Shave Balm (Sensitive Skin)


Let’s keep going with the ‘face’ products. Normally you would find a product like this in a skincare category rather than makeup. However, if you’ve watched any YouTube over the past year, you’ll know this product is an amazing makeup primer. When I first tried this product, I wasn’t a fan. I had high hopes it would control my oil and it definitely does not. What it does do though, is keep my makeup in place all day. The glycerin in this product essentially acts like a sticky glue to help my makeup last. When I use this product my foundation and concealer stay in place, and the rest of my face makeup like blush, highlight or contour do not fade. This item is definitely a drugstore makeup essential for me.

Essence | Lipliner in In the Nude


Essence delivers quite a few amazing drugstore makeup essentials, but to keep this post to five items, I picked their In the Nude Lipliner. Not only is this a fantastic matte base for any lipstick shade to increase wear time but it is great for putting under a nude to mask your lip colour a little bit. Also, it is super inexpensive!

L’Oreal | Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel Mascara (Clear)


I’ve been pretty into filling my eye brows lately and this lovely product has become essential to that process. Whether you fill your brows with a pencil, pomade or powder, this clear brow gel is a great final step to keep everything in place all day. When I use this product my eye brow hairs and product does not budge. I have tried the tinted version of this as well and enjoyed it too so if you want a little extra pigment, you have options. However, of the two, the clear version has become more of a drugstore makeup essential in my collection.

Well, those are my drugstore makeup essentials in my makeup collection, I would love to hear what your picks would be! Let me know in the comments down below.



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6 thoughts on “5 Drugstore Makeup Essentials

  1. I’ve not tried a single thing on your list! I think I need to make a trip to Shoppers! I should at least try that Nivea balm. If I don’t like it, I could also pass it onto my SO. 😉
    Hmm my 5 drugstore essentials would be CoverGirl LashBlash Volume mascara, Maybelline Age Rewind eraser concealer, Milani Luminoso baked blush, Physicians Formula Eye Booster eyeliner, and… (the last one is always the toughest one to choose for some reason!)… NYC Sunny Bronzer. 🙂


    • That’s a good point, the Nivea balm is definitely pass-on-able to men! My husband has borrowed it a couple of times.

      I really need to try Milani Luminoso. Every time I remember to look for it, my local Superstore doesn’t have it in stock. Someday though! 🙂


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