Colourpop Haul: Trying New Things!


Hi guys! If you’ve been here before, you’ll know that I love Colourpop! A few weeks ago they had a free international shipping promo with no minimum so I took that as an opportunity to order a few items. I decided to stick to products I haven’t tried of theirs, so I picked up a highlighter and a few of their gel eye liners! Items that I have had my eye on, but previously had been sidetracked by a wealth of lip products. As of writing this post, I haven’t tried these products on my face yet so in this post you’ll hear my first impressions from swatching them. I’ll do some full reviews once I’ve familiarized myself with everything, and of course, you’ll probably see them in a makeup look or two before that 😉

Colourpop | Hippo Highligher


I’ve had my eye on Colourpop’s highlighters for quite some time but when I saw the shade Hippo, I finally decided to take the plunge. This icy lavender shade is very unique to my collection and I can’t wait to wear it. The texture is similar to Colourpop’s eye shadows in that they have the unique spongey/creamy texture. My swatch does not do it justice!


Colourpop | Creme Gel Liners


Again, Colourpop’s Creme Gel Liners always ended up in my cart, just to be taken out and replaced by lip products. I’ve been into wearing eye liner in my water line again (for awhile there I was content with smudging some eye shadow under my eye and calling it a day) so I wanted to pick up a few. I’ve seen some really great reviews on this formula, and just based on swatching, they seem quite pigmented and smooth! Really excited to try these!!


  1. Fast Lane: A blackened teal and quite unique in my collection!
  2. Kicker: A true silver shade and looks like it will be perfect for the holiday season!
  3. Swerve: A classic black eye liner, not unique, but I don’t currently have a matte black shade that I really love.
  4. Mr Bing: A rich warm brown that I think will really compliment my green eyes. This shade is also a collaboration with Kathleenlights and… that Friends reference makes me so happy!

I’m really excited to try these out and start writing about these products! Have you tried Colourpop yet? What’s your favourite product of theirs? If not, what are you waiting for?!?! I know, if you’re Canadian the exchange isn’t great, BUT, these products are so expensive & great that it’s worth it! They also have free international shipping for orders over $5o until the end of the year!



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6 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul: Trying New Things!

  1. I have tried the gel liners yet either! I keep thinking about it, but I have so many in my collection that I keep putting it off. But the silver and green are both going to be so gorgeous during the holidays! Hippo looks lovely! I might have to think about that one next time, because I have a MAC lavender blush that I think would pair perfectly with it. 🙂 Such a great haul!


    • Oooh hippo would definitely. R amazing with a lavender blush… I don’t have one but I am going to keep my eye out for one! So far I like the eyeliners!


  2. Oh my gosh, that silver liner is AMAZING! Can’t wait to see what looks you do with it. Hippo is gorgeous, too – I’m a sucker for highlighters!
    I have yet to order from Colourpop…I still refuse to pay the exchange rate! Although my wish list for that brand is getting longer and longer…


    • Haha, I’ve definitely scaled back my shopping in the states because of the exchange rate, but I find Colourpop’s products already so inexpensive and of good enough quality that it’s worth it! They compare pretty well to other products that I’ve spent more money on here in Canada! The part that usually discourages me is paying for shipping but they seem to have had quite a few promotions lately… So… I shop, haha!


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