New Year, New Goals: 2017

New Year New Goals

Hi guys! New year, new goals! I try to set some goals at the beginning of each year to make each one the most successful yet. 2016 was a year where I didn’t really meet as many of my goals as I would have liked to, but it was a personally very stressful year. I’m not sad to see it go, but I am optimistic for 2017. Let’s take a look at some of the goals that I am setting for myself this year.

Get Outside My Comfort Zone

This year, I want to try new makeup styles that challenge my skill level and are outside of my comfort zone. Though I enjoy the way I currently do my makeup, I want to start to add in new techniques and colours to see where that will take me.

Revive My YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel that I started last January went on a bit of an early hiatus. The reason for this was two-fold. First, my equipment set up, or lack there of, made the times I could film very limited. I needed the perfect amount of daylight and my husband around to run the camera for me so that I was centred. Each video was done blind, meaning, I couldn’t see myself to know if I was still in frame. This made for some frustrating editing sessions. Luckily, my new camera that I got for Christmas and the ring light that I’ll be setting up shortly will solve both of these issues. Secondly, with everything that went on in 2016, I just didn’t have the time to utilize the daylight that I did have. Once I have everything set up, keep your eye out for new videos!

Read More Books

In 2016 I set a goal to read a minimum of two books a month. For the most part, I was successful at this, there was only a few months that I fell short. I’d like to read three books a month (or the page equivalent of 3, some books are longer than others).

Stick to a Consistent Workout Routine

I was REALLY good at this in 2015, I was REALLY terrible at this in 2016. A few weeks ago I started getting into a routine again so that I could end the year on a positive note. I am going to do everything I can to continue this. My goal is to work out four times a week which I usually find to be do-able. This includes a variety of things such as playing Dance Central on the Xbox (such a fun AND effective way to get your cardio in), using the exercise bike & bow-flex, going to more yoga classes and then attending other classes at the gym as well.

Be Present More

In a time where information and technology is always available, I’m going to try my best to wean myself off my social media addiction just a little bit. Part of why I love going out to my cottage in the summer is the complete lack of cell reception/wi-fi so that when I sit down to read a book, I have no distractions. This year, I’m going to set some dedicated time where I lay off the social media and enjoy other parts of life.

Learn New Things

This year I’d also like to learn new things! This includes coding so that I can be more hands on with this website. As well, I’d like to expand my limited photoshop and video editing skills! I guess I should also add learning how to use my new camera in here. There’s so many buttons and modes to learn! Reading the manual should count as a book, it’s pretty big!

Phew! I think that basically covers most of my goals for this year. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store and I will do my best to achieve as many of my goals as I can. What are your goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments down below! If you wrote a post like this, feel free to link it, I’d love to read it!



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11 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals: 2017

  1. These are great goals for the year!
    I need to get out my comfort zone as well with makeup. I always go for the same colours and looks.
    I also need to get a better workout schedule. There are so many easy ways to include fitness into our daily lives that we just don’t think about. I’m trying to figure those out, lol!


    • Thanks! Yeah I find I apply my makeup exactly the same no matter what products that I use! Every single time, haha

      I found getting a Fitbit helped me at least add more walking to my daily routine. Definitely want to add more to my every day life though. Still trying to figure that out too, lol 🙂


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