Winter Bucket List

winter bucket list

Hi guys! I thought I would take a step away from beauty and chat about my winter bucket list. Winter is always a season that I feel like I just sit around waiting for it to be over. The snow, ice and cold are not friends of mine. I often wonder why I live in a climate that makes my face hurt, but here I am! Anyways, I thought making a short winter bucket list would help me make the most the winter season.

  1. Go Ice Skating | I went skating before Christmas for the first time in years and I really enjoyed it. I would like to make a point to do that more often this winter.
  2. Try a New Winter Activity | Might as well take the opportunity to try something new this winter such as snow-shoeing or cross-county skiing.
  3. Do Some Work to the House | Winter is the perfect time to work on the house and get some renovations out of the way. My husband and I have an ever-growing list so I think it’s time we get back to work!
  4. Work on Photo Books | I’ve been working on making photo books of my pictures from the last few years. I’m quite behind on them but a nice evening at home with a baileys & coffee might make it a bit more enticing.
  5. Focus on Skincare | Skincare is an area that definitely could use more attention in my routine. Given how harsh the winter is on skin, I’d like to spend more time pampering it. I have so many skincare samples that have gone untouched so my goal is to try them out and see if there are any hidden gems.

Do you have a winter bucket list or any goals for this winter? Let me know in the comments down below!



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4 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List

  1. Fun list! I should probably try to go ice skating at least once this winter. It’s been years for me!
    Yes, pamper your skin! I’m aiming to do more sheet masks and try out all the sleeping masks that I picked up on Black Friday.


  2. I desperately want to go skating again, it’s been years! Also, snow shoeing and skiing would be fun to do as well. The winters are so long and horrible, we need fun things to do to keep from getting cabin fever. Great list! xo


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