10 thoughts on “My Makeup Story Tag

  1. You started earlier than me. I started to dabble in makeup in grade 9, that was when I was “officially” allowed. I think most girls started out wearing Bonne Bell! 😆 It’s like gateway makeup.
    The question about drugstore vs high-end is tough but if push comes to shove, I would choose drugstore because at least I know I’m not overpaying even if something doesn’t work out.
    I don’t think I’ve done this Tag! 😮


    • Wow a tag you haven’t done?! I thought about tagging you but I figured you’ve done it, haha!

      So true about the drugstore and if a product doesn’t work out. That’s why I’m more likely to try foundations there since it’s so difficult to find a match most of the time. At least I only wasted half the money I would have with high end!


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