Makeup Geek Haul

Makeup Geek Haul

Hi guys! Today I have a Makeup Geek haul for you! Around the holidays they had a sale on quite a few of their items so I thought that was the perfect opportunity to pick up a few more of their products. I already own and love quite a few of their foiled eye shadows but I had always been meaning to try more. With the Canadian dollar and cost of shipping what it currently is, I was holding out for some kind of sale. Makeup Geek is already a very reasonably priced and quality brand though. For this haul, I picked up the Kathleenlights Highlighter Palette (Kathleenlights AND highlighters? How could I not?) and a few of their eye shadow pans and a blush!

Makeup Geek | Kathleenlights Highlighter Palette

Makeup Geek KathleenLights Highlighter Palette

I had teased this product on my Instagram when it arrived in the mail in all of it’s glory. It contains three shades, it is meant to have one for every skin tone. Mixed though, I think even fair skinned gals like myself could get use out of all three.

Makeup Geek KathleenLights Highlighter Palette

So far, my favourite to use is Starlight as I have a bit of an obsession with pink highlighters at the moment. This palette arrived before my second haul so I have used the highlighters a little bit and I’mr really enjoying the formula of them. They are smooth and blend nicely into the skin. Each shade shimmers rather than being chunky.

Makeup Geek Haul Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette

L to R: Sunlight, Starlight and Nighlight

Makeup Geek | Single Eye Shadow Pans & Blush Pan

Makeup Geek Eye Shadow and Blush Pans

After quite a bit of thought and deliberation, I also picked up some of their single eye shadow pans and one blush pan. I tried to add colours that would be unique to my collection or ones that just simply stood out to me.

Peach Smoothie | If you watch Jaclyn Hill, you have likely never seen her do a tutorial without this transition shade. I don’t really have anything like it and after seeing it so often on her channel, I needed to grab this one to try it for myself. I used it last night and really enjoyed how it warmed up a relatively cool toned look without clashing.

High Tea | This shade just seemed really unique to me, its almost like a cross between a brown and an army green. It’s a matte shade and I can’t wait to see what kind of looks it inspires me to create.

Anarchy | While reds and warm tones aren’t really unique to my collection, I checked out swatches of this one before choosing it and I was really impressed. I feel like I can never own too many red/warm shades because I get so much use out of them!

Toxic | If I’m not hoarding warm eye shadows – purples would be a close second! I picked this one up as I thought it would pair perfectly with Phantom (which I’ll talk about next).

Phantom | I’d be lying if I said Makeup Geek’s duo chrome range didn’t intrigue me from the moment I laid eyes on them. Phantom always caught my eye as it is a white/purple duo chrome. Simply stunning.

Typhoon |  Another duo chrome! This was another one that always caught my eye when I saw it mentioned on the Makeup Geek YouTube channel or Snapchat! I love wearing green eye shadows as they really bring out the green in my eyes.

Makeup Geek Haul Single Eye Shadows Duo Chrome

L to R: Peach Smoothie, High Tea, Anarchy, Toxic, Phantom & Typhoon

Secret Admirer | I had also been wanting to try their blush pans for quite some time. I don’t own any lavender blushes so I immediately put Secret Admirer into my cart without a second thought. I thought this would pair beautifully with the Colourpop Highlighter I picked up not too long ago – Hippo! I wore this last night and it is pigmented but so smooth and blendable.

Makeup Geek Haul Secret Admirer Blush

I’m super excited to really get into these products and put them to the test. I am confident that they will not disappoint. Makeup Geek is a wonderful company, they really work hard on making quality products at an affordable price. They are also cruelty-free and their products are made in the USA. If the Canadian dollar wasn’t so bad, I’d definitely be placing Makeup Geek orders more frequently. I’d really love to try some of their makeup brushes next, or their duo chrome highlighters…

Have you tried Makeup Geek? Let me know in the comments down below!



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8 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Haul

  1. Lovely picks! The Kathleen Lights highlighter palette is stunning.
    I have never tried MUG products, although the brand is perpetually on my wish list! Lately I’ve been SERIOUSLY eyeing all of their stuff, especially their duochrome highlighters. Also, is it cheating on my ‘no buying eye shadow palettes in 2017’ goal if I buy a bunch of single MUG shadows and put it into a z palette? XD


    • Haha I don’t think that’s cheating at all! Plus you only would get shades that you will use! I’ve been super impressed with the makeup geek products that I own. The quality is amazing and the prices are super reasonable. Now if only our dollar could get closer to on par with the US dollar….


  2. Awesome haul! 🙂
    Anarchy and Phantom are my favourites from the ones you got. I’ve heard their blushes are really nice. I haven’t picked up any MUG simply because of the bad Canadian dollar. With the exchange and shipping, MUG actually cost MORE than MAC refills.


    • Yeah the exchange rate definitely puts a damper on Makeup Geek. The last time I had ordered the dollar wasn’t as bad, and I had it shipped to an address in the states just past the border so I saved on shipping. If I already have plans to go to Minnesota I ship stuff like this there. The border is only about 30-40 minutes away from me!

      Any item I’ve tried of theirs has definitely been well worth it! 😀


  3. Love all the products you selected, especially the eyeshadows! I’d love to try some of her shadows but I just can’t justify it with the exchange rate right now. Enjoy your purchases!


    • Thanks! Makeup Geek occasionally has sales which helps fight the exchange a bit! Their products are amazing, if the exchange rate improves, I highly recommend them!


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