Mani Monday: All About Nail Polish Tag

All About Nail Polish Tag

Hi guys! Today I wanted to something a little different for Mani Monday so I decided to search the internet for a nail polish tag. I found the All About Nail Polish Tag over on The Polished Pursuit! In my search I think I found another blog that I’m going to need to regularly read so win-win for me!

All About Nail Polish Tag

1. What is your favourite nail polish finish (eg. creme, crelly, glitter, etc)?

Definitely a cream! They are the easiest to apply, never go out of style and easiest to remove! There’s nothing I love more on my nails than a nice glossy cream polish.

OPI I'm Gown for Anything

2. What is your favourite “ugly pretty” shade?

OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window! I don’t find the green very appealing in the bottle (the name really says it all), but I’m glad I picked it up anyways because I love how it looks on the nails.

OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window

3. Which polish in your collection is the most sentimental to you?

OPI The One that Got Away from the Katy Perry Collection. I was wearing this shade and Teenage Dream on my nails when I met Katy back in 2011. She mentioned that she liked my manicure and she told me about how when she named the collection the names for The One that Got Away and Not Like the Movies somehow got switched. Ever since that, I think about that every time I pick up this nail polish.

OPI The One That Got Away

Photo Source

4. If you could go back in time and buy any collection, which would it be?

The OPI Alice in Wonderland collection. This came out a year before I really got into nail polish and I wish so badly that I had been into it back then. OPI Mad as a Hatter is that one polish that I always wish I had but is impossible to find at a reasonable price.

OPI Mad as a Hatter

Photo Source

5. What is your go-to “all occasion” polish?

Hmm, probably OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s dark and vampy but I could pair it with any occasion and I’ve definitely worn it the most out of any nail polish I own.

6. What items are essential to your nail care routine?

OPI Nail Envy (both Original & Maintenance), a good fast drying top coat & my glass file! Couldn’t do a manicure without any of them. Currently I’m loving Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Fast Drying Top Coat.

7. What is your favourite “newly discovered” brand (indie or mainstream)?

The most recent brand of nail polish that I tried for the first time was Julep and I really loved the shades I tried.


8. What is your go-to “bad ass” colour (the colour that makes you feel sexiest or most bad ass)?

OPI Black Satin – I love this shade because I find black nails very edgy, but the shimmer tones it down! It also looks lovely with a glitter accent.

OPI Black Satin
9. Indie or Mainstream?

I’ve loved any Indie brand that I’ve tried, but the majority of my nail polish collection is mainstream and, you guessed it, OPI!

10. Which brand’s collection it(s) do you look forward to the most?

OPI (duh!) and I always look forward to scoping out the new Zoya collections when I’m in an Ulta store.

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but if you do the All About Nail Polish Tag please leave your link in the comments! I would love to read your answers.



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7 thoughts on “Mani Monday: All About Nail Polish Tag

  1. Great tag! I have this tag saved in my draft folder from 2015 and I still haven’t done it yet. I’m going to do it this year! 😛
    I’m not tried Julep nail polishes but my friend received a set for Christmas and she LOVES it. She says the polish quality is outstanding.


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