YouTube Made Me Buy It Part 2

YouTube Made Me Buy It

Hi guys! I thought it would be fun to do another YouTube Made Me Buy It post as I’m sure as many of you can relate, YouTube is one of the biggest purchase enablers. I’m sure you could credit most of my purchase history to YouTube or blogs, but these are the items that really stick out at me when reflecting back.

Too Faced | Sweet Peach Palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

I’d say this is a Youtube/Blogger enabled purchase for sure. I mean, I did already want it and I chatted about that in my review of the palette, but all of the exposure it got made me want it even more. Do I regret purchasing it? No way, if you read my review, you will know I am obsessed with this palette. It has a great selection of colours so I find it to be very versatile. As well, the formula is great!

Physician’s Formula | Butter Bronzer

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer

If you watch any beauty videos on YouTube, you will have heard all about this tropical scented bronzer. I can’t think of a single channel that didn’t mention this product at least once. I don’t really own or wear bronzers so seeing this one work for fair skinned YouTubers convinced me I needed to try it. Do I regret purchasing it? No, but I also don’t use it very often. I just have no real desire to use bronzer in general. But, if I do, this isn the one I reach for and I do enjoy using it.

NARS | Audacious Lipsticks

NARS Audacious Lipstick

This is a purchase that was totally enabled by KathleenLights & Young, Wild & Polished. I believe it was Nicole of YWP that I saw rave about them first though. Their love for this line of lipsticks definitely had me convinced that I need to try them. Do I regret purchasing them? If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you will know that NARS Audacious Lipsticks are some of my favourite lipsticks in my collection. In my opinion, the formula is just wonderful. Pigmented, creamy, long-wearing and demi-matte.

NYX | Soft Matte Lip Cream

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream San Paulo

There was a time where the NYX Soft Lip Creams were all over YouTube, in particular I recall seeing the shade San Paulo and thought it was pretty. Do I regret purchasing it? Yes, in my review I mentioned it isn’t my favourite liquid lipstick formula. There are many others that I prefer so I almost never reach for this product.

What was the last product YouTube made you buy? Let me know in the comments down below!



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6 Replies to “YouTube Made Me Buy It Part 2”

  1. You know? I wanted that Sweet Peach palette at first. Now I don’t. I’ve had 2 opportunities to buy it in the last week and I just walked on by. Weird.
    Amy recently posted…My Top 15 Single EyeshadowsMy Profile

    1. Lipstick on the Lake says: Reply

      That’s good! I wanted it since it was first announced, I was immediately drawn to it. And, anything Peach has a very special and sentimental place in my heart 💜

  2. I *just* picked up that Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer… I got the Light Bronze shade which might just be a touch darker than my skin tone, so I think it will be nice for the winter months.
    Oh my gosh, you have so many of the Nars Audacious lipsticks!
    I think about half of what I buy is due to YT or blogs… and I know that some people even blame ME for “making” them buy stuff. 😛
    stashy recently posted…Hauluary 2017 – Makeup and SkincareMy Profile

    1. Lipstick on the Lake says: Reply

      Ooh hope you like the Bronzer! I like mine, I just don’t wear it much. Some day perhaps I’ll get into wearing bronzer!

      Haha, yeah I do have quite a few of the Audacious lipsticks but… I find when I really enjoy a formula I want to expand my colour selection 💜

  3. Totally agree on the Soft Matte Lip Creams…I have two of them and I’ve tried to wear them so many times but they are just way too drying. Which is too bad because they have some great shades.
    I still need to pick up the Butter Bronzer…I keep waiting for a sale!
    Nicole recently posted…My 2017 Goals & 2016 in ReviewMy Profile

    1. Lipstick on the Lake says: Reply

      Oh yes definitely wait for a sale for the Butter Bronzer! I really don’t get how pricy Physician’s Formula is!

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