Love for Lipstick: Hail Cosmetics Eternal Matte Lipstick

Hail Cosmetics Fawn

Hi guys! Today I have a super excited Love for Lipstick post for you today! Not only is it my first of 2017, but it also is a local product! Today we’re looking at Hail Cosmetics, an independent cosmetics company based right here in Thunder Bay. Their products are not only hand-crafted but are also cruelty-free. At the moment their lineup is a range of Eternal Matte Lipsticks which are available in Thunder Bay at Mars Clothing, or on their website. At this time shipping is only available to Canada. I was lucky enough to get the shade Fawn for Christmas from one of my best friends. I had been meaning to pick one of these up but just hadn’t had a chance to yet.

Hail Cosmetics Fawn

I get a pretty big sense of pride looking at the packaging and seeing “Thunder Bay, Ontario” on it. It’s not something I’m used to seeing and it just adds to the experience for me. I really like the packaging of these lipsticks as they have a cardboard slip around the tube, so there is minimal waste. The tube itself is a matte plastic and feels sturdy, yet sleek.

The formula when first applied is a little bit stiff as some matte lipsticks can be. However, when adding a second layer to even out the edges, it applies like butter over itself. This lipstick is also quite pigmented so it completely covers the natural shade of your lips. For me, I find Fawn to be quite natural looking. As the day progresses, I had forgotten I was even wearing lipstick. Not only was the formula non-drying and comfortable but the shade for me is almost ‘my lips but better’. If a better version of my lips were a touch more brown.

Hail Cosmetics Fawn Wear Time

1. My bare lips; 2. 10 AM freshly applied; 3. 12:30 PM post-lunch check-in; 4. 4 PM check-in

I comfortably wore Hail Cosmetics Fawn on my lips for a whole day. While there was a bit of fading (which is to be expected from a matte lipstick like this), there was pigmentation on my lips until I removed it later on in the day. As you can see from the third photo, eating lunch barely phased this lipstick! I would definitely feel comfortable putting this on in the morning before work without worrying about fading or major patchiness developing.

Hail Cosmetics Fawn

Overall, I am impressed and would pick up more of these lipsticks. I have already been eyeing up a couple more shades online. Their lipsticks retail for $18 CAD which I think is a fair price for a high quality lipstick. Hail Cosmetics recently teased eye shadows on Instagram that are going to be added to their line up this year too!

Have you tried Hail Cosmetics out? Let me know in the comments down below! I’m excited to watch them grow and expand their line up. If you haven’t tried out Hail Cosmetics, what’s your favourite independent cosmetics company?



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