Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Hi guys! Today I’ve got my first impressions of the beautiful Anastasia x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit for you! Given that I love Anastasia Beverly Hills, the YouTuber Nicole Guerriero and highlighters, this purchase just seemed to tick off all the boxes. As well, these highlight shades seemed really quite unique to my collection as they are quite warm in tone. While I have seen some backlash on collaborations with YouTubers and so on, I personally think they are a great thing. Who wouldn’t want to collaborate with one of their favourite brands? I can only imagine it must be such a huge honour and career milestone for these people who started off with a camera and an internet connection. So, with that said, if it is a YouTuber I watch and a product that I think I would enjoy, I am more than happy to support it.

Upon first glance, I was worried that some of these shades would be too dark for a fair skinned gal like myself, but I don’t think I will have any trouble with them. The beauty of a kit like this is that you can mix the shades to your liking. With a light hand and some blending, I think they will all be wearable. It’s also worth noting that these shades all double as eye shadows so, even if there is is a shade that may not work as a highlight on your skin tone, you can still get use out of it!

Each highlighter is blendable and similar in texture as what you would expect from experience with previous Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits. I find the quality to be very similar. These shades do have some fine glitter in them, but I don’t find it to be anything chunky or undesirable. But, if you don’t like glitter in your highlighter, you may want to swatch this in person before purchasing.

Overall, I’d say the quality is quite excellent, and the shades are quite lovely! I’ve been wearing this quite frequently lately and will definitely show a few looks using it in the future. I’m super happy I picked this up and it makes a fine addition to my collection! It is currently out of stock on, but it is still available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website. I also imagine it can also be found in Sephora stores.

What was the last product you purchased? Let me know in the comments down below!



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10 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

    • Honestly I haven’t worn it as a high light yet, but if it’s too dark then I’d just use it as an eye shadow! It’s stunning either way!


  1. I’ve had an eye on this for some time – it seems like a pretty solid set. I saw on Temptalia that some of the colours can be used as an eyeshadow so I’m pretty keen on that! I’m glad the palette is working well for you!


    • Yeah I love that it doubles as eye shadow! If any of the shades end up being too dark then at least I can still use them!


  2. I think the problem with Youtuber collabs is that many of them have been crappy quality and people expect more from them – and I think they should. I’m happy to support my favourite Youtubers if it’s a product that I actually will use and is of good quality – it seems like lately that hasn’t been the case though. :S

    This looks like a pretty palette – I think they’d work beautiful as eyeshadows!


    • Yeah quality is definitely a valid point! I do some research most of the time before I buy. I’ve lucked out with every collab I’ve purchased! Even the controversial Becca and Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette ended up working!


  3. This palette is so pretty! I can imagine some of these really acting more as blush/highlighters since they’re a little darker? I do love how they can be used as eyeshadows as well.


    • Yeah, I think the darker shades would definitely work better as either blush or eye shadow, especially on someone super fair like myself! I’m wearing one on my eyes today and I love the way it looks!


  4. These colours look great on you! I would have thought they would be too dark on your fair skin, too, but these pinkier shades will be really pretty on your complexion!
    I think it’s a HUGE milestone for YouTubers to be doing collabs, but I think that a lot of brands are pushing collabs out just to sell products using the YouTubers’ fame, and not necessarily caring about the quality. As long as the quality is good and the YouTuber is one that you support, then that’s awesome!


    • Yeah, it’s definitely so shady when brands do that. I always pay attention to initial reviews before I dive into a collab, but thankfully I haven’t come across any misses yet!


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