Ulta Haul!

Ulta Haul

Hi guys! I went to the States last weekend so as always, it had to include a trip to Ulta in Duluth, MN! Oh Ulta, how I wish you had a few stores in Canada… What I love about Ulta is that it’s the best of Sephora, Shopper’s Drugmart and Chatters all rolled into one wonderful place! I could spend an entire day getting lost in there… but I controlled myself and managed to spend probably less than an hour there before we got back in the car and continued on the road to Minneapolis. It also happened to be the last day of a 20% off promotion so it was definitely a great time to stop there!

Let’s take a look at what I grabbed…

Makeup Revolution | Unicorns Unite Salvation Eyeshadow Palette

I didn’t originally have this on my shopping list but since they didn’t have the unicorn highlighter that I had my eye on, and I had unicorns on the brain, I decided to pick this up. Plus, there was a buy 2, get 1 free deal going on with Makeup Revolution. The colours in this palette jumped out at me as they look fun for summer so I’m excited to see how this inexpensive palette works out. I haven’t even touched or swatched any of this yet, as soon as I got back from the States I went out to the cottage.

Makeup Revolution | The Matte Blush in Beloved

Here’s an item that I had on my wish list and I was happy to find in stock! I love a matte blush and this shade looks great for every day wear!

Makeup Revolution | Oil Control Fixing Spray

I’ve been using setting sprays a bit more lately, mostly samples I’ve picked up here and there so this one intrigued me. I battle oily skin so anything that might help keep that shine away is a must for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out! If it works out I’ll have to grab more the next time I’m in Ulta (which will likely be two more times this summer 😅).

it Cosmetics CC Cream Fair

it Cosmetics | CC Cream in Fair

I often find myself not wanting to wear much heavy makeup in the summer and adding products with SPF to my routine becomes a must. After seeing quite a few positive reviews on the it Cosmetics CC Cream I decided to pick one up! I’ll be sure to post a review once I’ve tested it out. It looks like it Cosmetics is finally coming to Sephora so this should be easier to get in Canada shortly!

Sheet Masks Ulta

Tonymoly | I’m Real Avocado Mask Sheet

I knew I wanted to pick up some sheet masks at Ulta and the 20% off coupon made that even more of a deal. I love avocados so I decided to pick this one up!

SNP | Rabbit Brightening Mask Sheet

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I have a bunny so I just had to pick up this adorable face mask! Plus, the bunny on the packaging looks just like Bunnelby! I also picked one up for my sister (who also has rabbits) as a thank you for taking care of Bunnelby while I was away.

Tonymoly | I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet

I had this mask on my shopping list so I had to pick it up. My pores are one of my ‘trouble areas’ and I love red wine so this mask had to come home with me!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Mario Badescu | Drying Lotion

Another item that was on my shopping list! I got a sample of this last summer and really enjoyed it for those annoying ‘under the skin’ pimples. Both my husband and I use it so I knew this purchase was a must!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

Soap & Glory | Sugar Crush Body Wash

I recently ran out of my Bath & Body Works Body Wash so I decided to pick up this one from Soap & Glory to change things up. I’m pretty sure I can get Soap & Glory locally at Shopper’s Drugmart but the 20% off coupon convinced me to pick this up at Ulta. I did try this out this morning and it smells great!

And that was everything that I picked up! I think I did a pretty decent job at controlling myself. I did however buy a LOT of clothes when I went to the Twin City Outlet Mall & the Mall of America though… I’ll be sure to review some of these beauties as I start to test them out more!

Have you hauled anything lately? Let me know in the comments down below!



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9 thoughts on “Ulta Haul!

  1. So exciting!
    I have a couple of those Makeup Revolution Matte Blushes and they’re so good for the price!
    I was just doing some online research on how to get my hands on the It Cosmetics CC cream here in Canada. I really really want to get it!
    Yay TonyMoly masks! That SNP bunny mask is adorable!
    I’m using the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter and I FRIGGEN LOVE IT! It smells soooo good.
    Nice haul! I haven’t hauled in July yet even though it’s my birthday month and I’m allowed to haul… haven’t been feeling like hauling but probably by next week I will (I tend to treat myself for my birthday!)


    • I can’t remember when it Cosmetics is landing at Sephora but hopefully it’s soon!

      Can’t wait to start seeing your birthday hauls when they start happening! You always have amazing hauls!!


  2. I love that setting spray. I’ve gone through multiple bottles. I have that palette too and love it. I need to use it more. I have 2 of their matte blushes but not the one you got. I have Fusion & Nude. The latter is one of my top 5 blushes ever.


    • Ooh that’s good to know! I’m really excited to start testing these out! I’m going back to Ulta in a few weeks so I’ll have to check out those other two blushes if this one works out!


  3. I LOVE the looks of that Makeup Revolution blush – so pretty!
    The IT Cosmetics CC Cream is my HG face product for all seasons. It just makes my skin look flawless and glowy. I do have to set it with powder to keep it from getting oily on me though – just a tip! 😉


    • Oh yes everything, everyday gets set with tons of power all time time in attempt to not be a shiny greaseball by noon haha oily skin problems 😫


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