The Jaclyn Hill Palette: First Impressions

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Hi guys! Today we will be looking at the the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe. This palette has been in the works for quite some time now and after so many teases and sneak peaks, I’m so excited to have it in my hands now. Jaclyn Hill had been working on this palette with Morphe to get it to her liking for a couple of years. I’ve had this palette for a couple weeks now but between being out of town and have several makeup free days, I’m only starting to test it out now. So today I have some swatches and first impressions for you. I will start posting the makeup looks that I have been putting together very soon!

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette leans mostly warm but it does have some cool shades as well as some pops of colour. I think for the most part it is pretty well-rounded and has everything you need to do several completed makeup looks. Each shadow I’ve used so far performs excellently. I have found though that some of the more metallic shades do apply better with your fingers compared to using a brush.

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The inside lid of the palette has a sweet note that Jaclyn has dedicated this palette to her subscribers and as a long-time watcher of her channel, I see that in this palette. When I look at this palette I can see so many tutorials she has done over the years. The Jaclyn Hill Palette very much encompasses the types of eye shadows you are most likely to see on her channel. What she has done though, is she has taken these shades that she uses so much and has tweaked the formulas to her liking.

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Unlike most Morphe eye shadow palettes the Jaclyn Hill Palette actually has shade names! While the shade names are not on the palette itself, it comes with a little reference card. Jaclyn explains all of the shade names in this video here.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette: First Row

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette: Row 2

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette: Row 3

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette: Row 4

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The Jaclyn Hill Palette: Row 5

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

The only shade that gave me issues swatching was Enchanted (5th row, 4th shadow). I haven’t had a chance to use it yet though so I’m not sure if this translates to issues with it’s performance.

Morphe x The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Overall, so far I am quite happy with this palette. I’ll be posting more of my thoughts on this palette as I post the makeup looks that I have created. If you are at all interested in this palette it will be returning to the Morphe website on July 18th at 11 am EST. This palette did sell out quite quickly the first time so if you’re interested be ready! Also, be prepared for their website to have some performance issues, it was VERY slow on launch day. Shipping to Canada was quite pricy so I had mine ordered to a store across the border that accepts parcels. I have also seen some bloggers do group orders to cut down the cost.

I hope you all have a beautiful day!



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7 thoughts on “The Jaclyn Hill Palette: First Impressions

    • Yes, she did a fantastic job! Considering she is so eyeshadow focused with most of her tutorials she really did a great job with these!


    • Yeah that’s why I shipped it to a store just past the border here and picked it up while I was in the states. It saved me quite a bit of money! I would say quality wise though it’s on par with some higher end palettes I’ve bought in Canada so it’s definitely been worth it!


  1. This palette looks pretty but I won’t be getting it. I have way too much as it is and I’m trying to just use what I have. I’ve been a pretty serious no-buy/low-buy since April and outside of my little CCO haul in May (where I only got 3 things), I’ve been behaving. I’ve only been repurchasing things I’ve used up.


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