The Birthday Tag

The Birthday Tag

I had planned on doing a Mani Monday post today but since I’ve been sick I wasn’t really motivated to paint my nails. However, as today is my birthday I thought I’d do the birthday tag instead!

1.) When is your birthday?

Today (November 6th)

2.) How old are you turning? (Or if your birthday recently passed, how old did you turn?)

I turn 28 today!

3.) What was you’re favourite present that you’ve ever received?

To be honest – nothing really sticks out in my mind. I’m sure I’ve received lots of great presents over the years though. Nothing really beats a nice night out for dinner with my husband though 😊

4.) Are you/did you have a party this year? if so what are you doing?

I was supposed to have a party this past Saturday but I had to postpone because I’m currently sick. But in a couple of weeks it is back on! I’m just having a small get together at my house and we are all going to wear onesies 😂 Did I say I was turning 12 or 28?

Can you guess which one I got?!

5.) How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

I usually go for dinner with my husband, have some kind of family dinner around my birthday (or later because my sister’s birthday is a few weeks after mine so sometimes we combine it) and I usually have a get together with friends.

6.) What was the most memorable birthday that you had?

I spent my 25th birthday on my honeymoon in Saint Lucia, that was pretty special and memorable!

Saint Lucia

7.) If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?

Take all of my friends on a weeklong getaway!

8.) What’s your birthday wish list?

A few items from Sephora, comfortable boots for my upcoming trip to Paris and clothes.

9.) If u only had one birthday left, what would u do for your birthday?

Go somewhere exotic!

10.) Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one

Not really embarrassing but here’s a photo from my tropical themed birthday party in 2012!

Tropical Birthday Party

11.) Do you have any birthday traditions? 

Usually just my birthday dinners. Oh, and spending the day saying “after all, it’s my birthday” every time I ask someone (generally my husband) to do something, haha. I can thank my dad for that gem.

12.) What’s your favourite part about your birthday?

Spending time with my friends and family!

 13.) Whats one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday?

I’ve spent a lot of the past year soul searching and trying to become a stronger person, so I think I’ve changed a lot myself in that way.

14.) Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone?

I threw a surprise graduation party for my husband when he finished university. I’ve also hosted a surprise party for a friend as well. Both were huge successes!

I’m definitely looking forward to a fun and exciting year ahead. I think 28 will be a great year!



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17 thoughts on “The Birthday Tag

  1. Happy birthday!! My guess is third one down, on the right hand side (blue one with three eyes). I hope you feel better soon, being sick is the worst! xo


  2. Happy Birthday Robyn!!! 😀
    I find that gifts that are things aren’t as memorable as time spent with friends / family! I guess it’s the wisdom that comes as we get older. 😉
    Most of my answers to these questions would be: CAKE!
    I hope you overcome the flu SOON! Sucks being sick for your birthday.


    • Thank you!! I felt a bit better today so I actually ventured out of the house for the first time in several days. I’m not a cake person so I’ve actually consumed zero cake or dessert today 😱 But I did enjoy a lovely dinner out!


  3. Happy birthday! This was such a fun post! I do hope you feel better very soon though, it’s no fun being sick – especially on your birthday! Love that you are doing a onesie night for your party, that is way too fun!

    Rebecca |


    • Thank you!! Yup, being sick for my birthday definitely hasn’t been fun. At least I felt alive enough to leave the house for the first time in days haha


  4. Love this tag! I love that you are doing a onesie party! That would be hilarious! I’ve tried that “it’s my birthday” trick on my bf but it doesn’t seem to work that well. It has about a 70% success rate but I’d really like to up that stat. XD


    • Haha, yeah I’m pretty excited for the onesie party! Bummed that I had to postpone it due to illness, but it will be a fun time!!


  5. I’m a day late so Happy Belated Birthday! Hopefully you had a great day despite being sick.

    The background in your St.Lucia photo doesn’t even look real – that must have been an amazing trip!

    Cheers to 28!


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