BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask

BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask

As you may know, my birthday recently passed, so I thought there was no better time to treat myself to the BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask that I purchased on one of my trips to Ulta during the summer. I don’t really eat cupcakes at all so I thought it would be fitting to try the face mask version instead! The BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask aims to hydrate and vitalize the skin. The chocolate is high in anti-oxidants which softens the skin and helps hydrate it. The acai berry both helps retain moisture and fights off the line-causing free radicals.

BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask

The mask is made of Tencel which is an all-natural and bio-degradable fibre which is supposed to contour and adhere to every face like a second skin. While the holes of the mask lined up correctly, the mask itself didn’t stay in place all that well. As you can see from the photo above, it is popping off all over. Every time I had it smoothed out, it would lift in various places. I think a few cuts around the edges would have solved this problem. The mask slid around my face during the 15 minutes that I had it on.

BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask

The instructions for the mask say to wipe off the excess serum after removing the mask, rinse your face and then apply your preferred moisturizer. I thought this was a bit odd as any sheet mask I’ve ever used has you pat in the excess product. Because of this, I can’t really be sure if my face was smooth the next day because of the mask, or because of the moisturizer I applied afterwards. My face was smooth after I wiped off the excess, but it had that “I just had a face mask on” tackiness to it so it’s really hard to say.

Overall, I’m not overly wowed by the BioBelle #Decadence Sheet Mask. In a world of many choices, I don’t think I would repurchase this one. One final note on it, is that it did have a chocolate-y berry scent to it. It reminded me of chocolate raspberry, which I don’t personally like, but I know many others who like that scent and/or flavour.

Have you tried any good face masks lately? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to check out my other adventures in masking!



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