Gummiband Hair Cords Review


Wearing my hair in a ponytail is a weekly staple for me my work week. However with that said, I often worry about the breakage that I am causing to my hair with using traditional hair elastics on such a frequent basis. I have to admit that I was already quite intrigued by this cord style of hair tie that I had seen all over social media lately so I jumped at the opportunity to receive a package from Gummiband to review.

Gummiband is a Canadian company that creates these amazing and affordable hair cords. They are also 100% female owned and operated. Not only that but they also are an active part of their community. They have helped finance six small business start-ups for women in developing countries and have also mentored female high school students, just to name a few of the awesome things they do!

The product itself is hypoallergenic, gentle on your hair, reusable and suitable for all hair types. They also do not absorb moisture so they don’t breed bacteria which makes them ideal for use at the pool or at the gym!


I’ve been using my Gummibands for the last month and I am hooked! They don’t slip at all in my hair and the assortment of colours make them fun to wear as well. They do stretch out, but they return to their original shape shortly after wear. You can use heat to return them to their original size, but I have found that when I take them out at night, they are nearly back to normal by morning.


Aside from how well they work being a major selling point, I love how reasonably priced they are! You can get a pack of 4 Gummibands for $7.99 CAD and that includes FREE SHIPPING (in Canada)! I don’t know about you, but I detest paying for shipping and find it to be very expensive in Canada so this is a huge deal to me!

They have also created a promo code that you guys can use to get 2 extra Gummibands with the purchase of a 4-cord pack! This code is “BONUS49” and can be used during checkout! This code can be put into the “notes” section that pops up under “Additional Information” during checkout where it asks if you have a code from a blogger, YouTuber or Instagrammer. You can purchase Gummibands on their website.



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These products were sent to me complimentary for review however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “Gummiband Hair Cords Review

  1. I received some of these from Jodi at ABrashAttitude as part of a giveaway and I’ve been loving them – my hair is super prone to breakage and I like to wear it up a lot so I feel a lot better when I use these. Love that they are Canadian too!


    • They have definitely become a staple in my life now, I wear my hair up a lot too! Plus, yes, amazing that they are Canadian AND they do so much charitable work too!


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