What’s in my Z-Palette?


I mostly talk about palettes here on the blog since I am a self-proclaimed “palette junkie” but I do own an almost complete Z-Palette full of single shadows. I thought it would be fun to go through them today and share with you what is in my custom palette. I enjoyed this because it reminded me that I have some great single shadows that I need to dig out more, and also reminded me that I need to pick up more Makeup Geek single shadows because they are aaaamazing, particularly their foiled formula. Once I complete this palette I’m going to look into getting another empty palette so if you have any suggestions for magnetic palettes let me know in the comments!

Makeup Geek

Charmed (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Charmed

High Wire (Foiled)

Makeup Geek High Wire

Whimsical (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Whimsical


Makeup Geek Anarchy


Makeup Geek Toxic

Peach Smoothie

Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie

Fantasy (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Fantasy

Pegasus (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Pegasus

Masquerade (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Masquerade

Starry Eyed (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Starry Eyed


Makeup Geek Phantom


Makeup Geek Typhoon

Fortune Teller (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Fortune Teller

High Tea

Makeup Geek High Tea

Untamed (Foiled)

Makeup Geek Untamed



MAC Saddle




MAC Embark

Bottle Green

MAC Bottle Green


MAC Mylar

Anastasia Beverly Hills


Anastasia Beverly Hills Macaroon

Urban Decay


What are some of your favourite single eyeshadows? Let me know in the comments below!



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8 thoughts on “What’s in my Z-Palette?

  1. Those foiled shadows from MUG are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to try them. Nice selection of shades, I like how unique they are! The fun thing with making your own palette is that you get to choose all the shades, but overall the price can add up versus buying a palette.


  2. I have 3 Z-Palettes – 2 large ones and one small one. One large is all Makeup Geek, the other is mostly MAC, a few ColourPop, one ABH single and a blush from Stilazzi. The small one is all my Makeup Geek duochromes (I have almost all of them).


    • Wow, that’s a lot of Z-Palettes! They sound great though! Though I’m mostly into palettes I get very curious about what other people have in their custom palettes!


  3. Awesome post! I have a few Z Palettes and they hold a wide range of refill pans or depotted items. Most of them are MAC but I have just a mixed bag of brands. Do you have MAC Satin Taupe? I highly recommend it!
    How do you like the shade High Tea? It was on my wish list but I’m not sure. I’ve tried 5 MUG eye shadows and I think they’re just ok, not particular outstanding. One of the duochrome colours stained my makeup brush and my eye lids! What’s your favourite MUG eye shadow?


    • I really like High Tea, I find it to be a very unique colour. I mostly used it for my Zombie makeup for halloween but, I’ve used it in regular looks as well. It almost reminds me of a dirty army green? So I think it all comes down to preference.

      Hmmm, favourite MUG eye shadow.. That’s a tough one! The pinks and the lighter purples in the foiled formula are probably my favourites! I’m not super fond of the darker purple foiled shadow (purples are just so hard to get right).


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