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Too Faced

Since Too Faced is the Canadian Beauty Bloggers’ Brand of the Month for March I thought it would be fitting to go through my collection of Too Faced products and talk about my most and least used products. Too Faced was created in the 90’s, inspired by a love of Paris, girliness and the transformative power of makeup. They are a cruelty-free brand that seems to be best known for their cutesy and unique packaging, as well as the quality products inside.

Too Faced Products

Most Used

Too Faced Most Used Products

Chocolate Bar Palette

I believe the Chocolate Bar Palette was my first Too Faced purchase and is definitely one of my most used products from them. It’s a great neutral palette that can be used for both toned down and dramatic makeup looks. I wouldn’t say it’s my most used neutral palette but I do dig it out quite often. Most of the shadows perform quite well and who doesn’t love a palette that smells like delicious chocolate?

Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lady Balls

The Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lady Balls is not only my most used red lipstick, but my post on this product is also the most read post on my blog! With good reason, this formula is great! It is not transfer proof at all, but despite the transfer, the pigmentation on the lips doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I don’t find it to be overly drying, since it still maintains some transferability due to how it dries down, I find it’s easy to redistribute on the lips and therefore retains some moisture to it.

Love Flush Blush in How Deep is Your Love?

Every time I wear this blush I am complimented on it so I tend to wear it pretty often. It blends nicely into the skin and gives a beautiful flush of watermelon-pink colour to the cheeks. This is definitely in my go-to blushes rotation.

Least Used

Too Faced Least Used Products

The Return of Sexy Palette

I don’t know what it is about this palette but I just never use it. There’s no mattes in it which means I’d need to dig out another palette or single shadow for a transition shade. Also, from what I recall, there is quite a bit of fall-out when using it. It’s been a long time since I last used it though… maybe I’ll give it another chance.

Born This Way Concealer

I enjoy the formula of the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer but this shade is just not light enough for me to use under the eyes. I do use it from time to time to conceal a blemish or if I’m too lazy to use foundation, but I just don’t reach for it very often.

Totally Cute Palette

I do actually really like this palette, I just always forget that I own it so I don’t tend to reach for it. There isn’t anything wrong with it though and I should start to play with it more. The shadows are all quite pigmented and perform quite well.

What are some of your most and used Too Faced products let me know in the comments below!



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16 thoughts on “Too Faced | Most & Least Used Products

    • I like the formula of the concealer but the shade just doesn’t work, I wish it did though! And yessss, the peach products are so amazing! I use those a lot too, especially the matte palette! It’s so great!


  1. Thanks for sharing your collection, I love having a nosey through other people’s makeup drawers! These blushes are incredible – I have two and they’re just so beautifully pigmented!


    • Thank you!! It is a great palette, I just always forget about it! Maybe this post will inspire me to use it a bit more!


    • I just can’t help but feel nothing when I go to attempt to use it, and I remember I wanted it so badly when I ordered it.


  2. Ooh I really enjoyed this post! My favourite Too Faced products would definitely be their eyeshadow palettes. I have the Sweet Peach palette and the Candy Bon Bon palette and they are both great quality. I have one of their liquid lipsticks but I don’t wear it a lot because the color is a tad too light for me. I think I liked the formula though!


    • Thank you!! Yes, Too Faced makes great eye shadow palettes! I love those two as well, they both have a lot of great shades in them!


  3. Great post! My most used Too Faced products are the Born This Way Concealer and the Sweethearts bronzer. Least used would have to be the Melted Matte, as much as I love them, I’m slowly getting over matte lips 😦


    • I really wish the Born This Way Concealer was the right shade for me, I want it to be a regularly used item so bad!!


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