KL Polish Tuxedo Mask

KL Polish Tuxedo Mask

I posted all about the KL Polish shades Lumiere and Das Esspensive XXVI last week, so today I thought I’d share with you the other polish I ordered from them, Tuxedo Mask! I wasn’t originally going to purchase a third, however they had a deal going at the time where you could add it to your order for $5, so… why not? I love a shiny black nail polish when my nails are a bit shorter (like they currently are). Also… a name like Tuxedo Mask totally brings me back to my Sailor Moon watching days. I was obsesssssssed!

KL Polish Tuxedo Mask

Products Used:

OPI Chip Skip
OPI Nail Envy Original (1 coat)
KL Polish Tuxedo Mask (2 coats)
Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat (1 coat)

Just like the other two that I tried, KL Polish Tuxedo Mask applies beautifully. I don’t know how else to describe it except for… the cream polish of my dreams. It is thick enough that it doesn’t pool, but yet it isn’t so thick that it gets gloppy. It could have easily been a one coater, however, I usually apply a second to make sure it’s even. Barely any clean up was required after this manicure which was perfect because I did it quickly before going out. I don’t know why it took me so long to try KL Polish but it’s safe to say that I am hooked.

What do you have on your nails today? Let me know in the comments below!



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