Morphe Haul

Morphe Haul

A few weeks ago I received an order that I had placed from Morphe! They recently (within the last few months?) opened up a Canadian website as they now have a warehouse here that they ship from. This was amazing news as Morphe’s shipping costs to Canada were generally pretty steep. On top of this they had a 20% sale for Canada Day so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to order a couple things I had my eye on. I just love their eye shadow and their brushes so much! The quality is fantastic and the prices are so affordable and even more so now that they ship from IN Canada. Wooo!

Morphe Haul

Morphe | 15B Bruch Babe Palette

Morphe 15B Brunch Babe Palette

The first thing I put in my cart was an eye shadow palette. I know… as if I need more eye shadow… But, I’ve had my eye on their new 15 pan palettes and the 15B Brunch Babe Palette looked really cute! I really enjoy soft pink eye shadow looks so this one caught my eye the most. I’ve been using it since I got it… so far so good but I’ll be sure to post a full review soon!

Morphe | Brushes

I mainly use Morphe Brushes so I knew I had to pick up a few new ones!

Highlight & Contour Sponge

I’ve seen this one mentioned quite a bit on YouTube so I thought I’d give it a try. What caught my eye was the nice sharp flat edge on it.

M506 Tapered Mini Blender

I saw this brush on I think it was Nikki Tutorial’s Instagram stories. She said this was a game changer so I made a note to order it whenever my next Morphe order was happening. I’ve been using this DAILY after my order came in and it is definitely a game changer! It’s so tiny so it is perfect for adding dimension in our crease, outer corner, etc. I like using various tones of the same colour as it helps create more dimension and it creates an over all more blended looking final product!

E22 Pointed Blender

You can never have too many blending brushes for the crease area! I don’t have a Morphe one and I really like the Elite line of brushes so I added this on a whim!

M158 Angled Liner/Spoolie

My current brow brush doesn’t have a spoolie on it which drives me crazy so this was a must!

E2 Round Powder

I wanted a more fluffy and larger powder brush as I have to completely cover my face with a mattifying powder. Particularly at this time of year! The Elite line is sooooo soft I just want to brush this all over my face 24/7.

Have you ever ordered anything from Morphe? Does the Canadian shipping warehouse make it more appealing? Let me know in the comments below! I just found out they are putting a Morphe store in the Mall of America which I go to at least 1-2 times a year so I’m hoping it’s done by the time I go at the end of September!



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6 thoughts on “Morphe Haul

    • Yeah I was really excited when I saw they did that! Their shipping was a bit steep before… but….. now I’ll want to place orders more often haha 😂


  1. What, I had no idea that Morphe has a Canadian website! I’ve always been “meh” about the brand especially if I had to pay for shipping from the US.
    I have heard good things about that sponge – I’d love to hear how you like it.
    Not sure if I would order makeup from them but I would try some of their synthetic bristle brushes, and their empty palettes.


    • I’ve really been happy with all the Morphe products I’ve tried over the years. I think 99% of my makeup brushes that I use every day are Morphe actually and I do love their makeup as well. Great makeup and great prices!


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