#ThrowBackThursday: 3 1990s Beauty Trends

In the spirit of #throwbackthursday or #tbt for short I thought I would share 3 beauty trends from the 1990s. It’s kind of funny to see how some of these are coming back. I was born in 1989 so my childhood was a mix of the 1990s and 2000s. I don’t know about you but I always enjoy a trip down memory lane so let’s dive in, shall we?


scrunchies 1990s
Melissa Joan Hart

Scrunchies were present in both the 1980s and the 1990s and I recall having a bunch of them when I was younger in an assortment of colours and patterns. Nothing beat jazzing up a basic ponytail with a leopard print scrunchie! I don’t really remember when I stopped wearing them but I have noticed they are popping up again as I cruse instagram.

Dark Lip Liner

dark lip liner 1990s
Victoria Beckham

When going through pictures of the women I idolized in the 1990s I noticed a lot of dark lip liner which was at least a few shades darker than the gloss or lipstick it was paired with. Personally, I don’t see the appeal of this look but, never say never. Though I don’t mind it in the photo above as it is a less extreme example.

Butterfly Clips

butterfly clips 1990s
Sarah Michelle Gellar

Butterfly clips… I loved these things so much. It was always a sad day when one broke. I haven’t really seen these come back at all. However, I was walking up the stairs at work a few months ago and I saw one abandoned in the stairwell. I wondered where it had come from! They were such a fun way to pull some of your hair off your face. I would love to see these come back!

What trend from the 1990s do you think will come back next? Let me know in the comments below!



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4 Replies to “#ThrowBackThursday: 3 1990s Beauty Trends”

  1. Oh my goodness! Butterfly clips!!! I rocked those when I was a kid!!! Haha! This post totally brought me back.

    1. Lipstick on the Lake says: Reply

      Haha, they were so great!! Sparkly ones were my favourite!

  2. Yess! I love this! I definitely rocked all of these things in the 90s! One thats coming back now is body glitter! I remember having glitter everything… hair gel, body lotion, lip gloss, you name it. Even loose glitter worn around the side of the eye! That might be approaching Millennium years though lol!!

    1. Lipstick on the Lake says: Reply

      Yeah probably approaching millennium but still a classic for sure!

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