Beauty Room Organization

beauty room organization

Now that I’m all moved into my new house I have been tweaking the set up of my beauty room. I essentially had this set up in the old house but it was always a work in progress and there were some space limitations. While there’s still a few more things I want to add to this room (specifically, a small computer desk) I thought I’d show you guys how I have it organized so far!

Beauty Room Organization

My set up consists of Ikea Alex drawers and a Linnmon table top. The 5 drawer Alex drawers is perfect for organizing my makeup. While white is definitely more trendy for a beauty room and I do love the way it looks, my table top is frequently covered in makeup.

Beauty Room OrganizationFor the most part the organizers I use either came from Homesense or Amazon. The blush organizer and the liquid lipstick organizers were Alegory finds on Amazon. The spinning lipstick tower is from Rovanza (previously Zahara Beauty). I love the spinning lipstick tower but the shipping process was a big giant pain. Their customer service ended up making up for it but I don’t know if I would order from them again. The pink organizers that I use for my makeup brushes and a few of my bigger bronzers/blushes came from a Japanese dollar store in Vancouver. They were a great find and they are so cute!

The deeper Alex drawers are absolutely perfect for housing my palettes (I have them split over 2 drawers). I opted for a cupboard rather than drawers on the left side which I like for storing my makeup bags, I have a UV nail polish lamp in there as well as some of my camera equipment. If you have some bigger bulkier items I would recommend this set up if you don’t need 10 drawers. The taller Alex drawers to the right is all of my nail polish organized by colour and brand.

How do you have your makeup organized? Let me know in the comments below!



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