3 Subtle Ways to be More Active

I don’t know about you but I always feel like I can add more activity to my life, especially since I work a desk job. Life can definitely be busy though so I’ll happily take any opportunity I can to add some subtle activity to my life. So let’s chat about 3 subtle ways to be more active!

Take the Stairs


With elevators and escalators being to tempting it’s easy to avoid stairs if you really want to. However, taking those extra few minutes to take the stairs is such a simple way to add activity to your day. I even find that it can be faster than taking the elevator especially if it is at a different floor and you have to wait for it. Plus, elevators sometimes break down and get stuck, you don’t have that risk with stairs!

Take a Walk During Work Breaks

I get two 15 minute breaks during my work day so I always use them to go for a walk. Rain or shine, cold or warm outside, I generally will go outside and walk in any weather. I always make sure I dress for whatever weather will be coming my way. It’s a great way to add 30 minutes of activity to my day!

Wear a Fitbit

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for the last 3 or 4 years and I love it. It really makes me aware fo how much I am moving in a day. While this isn’t necessarily an example of something that requires you to be active, I find it makes me take more breaks to get up from my desk during a work day. At 10 minutes to the hour it reminds me how many steps I have left to make it to my hourly goal. This is a good opportunity to print that document I was putting off printing so I can walk to the printer, or a good time to fill my water bottle. It just reminds me to add a few extra steps into my day and it all adds up! I am currently using a Fitbit Versa (similar to the one pictured above, mine is pink though).

What do you do to add some subtle activity to your day? Let me know in the comments below!



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