Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette

Tartelette Toasted

Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted Palette has been one that I’ve been meaning to review for quite some time now. Since I purchased it in early December it has been a pretty regular staple in my daily makeup routine. However, since I usually wear it on work days and I like my sleep I don’t usually leave myself enough time to photograph my makeup looks. But now that the snow is nearly all melted and I haven’t had to brush off my car in the morning in awhile I finally have found some time! I better not be jinxing the snow situation. I won’t accept anything other than spring being here to stay. But with all that said, let’s take a look at Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted Palette!

Tartelette Toasted Palette

The Tartelette Toasted Palette is as you can see or guess by the name, a warm toned eyeshadow palette. Of the twelve eyeshadows that it contains it has an even mix of mattes and shimmers. It also has a nice range of lighter shades and darker shades which makes it quite versatile.

Tartelette Toasted Palette

I feel like this would be a great palette to travel with. The packaging is sleek and compact and is hard shelled to protect the contents.

Tartelette Toasted Palette Swatches

I’ve used every shadow in this palette and have not had any trouble with them. The mattes are blendable and have a good amount of pigment to make them easy to work with. The shimmers are also excellent, they apply easily with a shader brush (I use the MAC 242). I haven’t once felt the need to use my fingers to get extra pigmentation! There is a tiny bit of fallout with the shade Candle because it is fairly glittery (small pieces of glitter) but it brushes off the face easily with a large fluffy brush.

Tartelette Toasted | Makeup Looks

Transition: S’More
Crease: Cashmere & Warmth
Inner Lid: Sunset
Centre Lid:  Flame
Outer Lid: Cozy
Under Eye: Cozy & Cashmere

Transition: S’More
Crease: Cashmere & Warmth
Inner Lid: Candle
Outer Lid: Warmth
Under Eye: Warmth & Cashmere

Another makeup look I’ve been loving but didn’t take pictures of was Crackle all over the lid with a pop of Sunset in the middle for a halo effect. So pretty!

As you can tell, I’ve been really enjoying Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted Palette so much so that it may have become one of my favourite warm eye shadow palettes in my collection. There is a reason it made the cut for my January Favourites!

What is your favourite warm toned palette? Let me know in the comments below!



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