Zoya Ryan & Girly Bits Hocus Pocus

For the first time in awhile I actually took the effort to paint my nails. I don’t know what it has been but lately I just haven’t been able to summon the energy to do it. A couple of years ago the thought of my nails not being painted would have horrified me. I used to paint them twice a week! Anyways, I’ve been wanting to use my holographic top coat, Girly Bits Hocus Pocus over a darker shade so I finally did it.  For this manicure I layered it over top of Zoya’s Ryan. I’ve previously featured Girly Bits Hocus Pocus over OPI Live.Love.Carnival.

Girly Bits Hocus Pocus layered over Zoya Ryan

Products Used

OPI Chip Skip
Zoya Ryan (2 coats)
Girly Bits Hocus Pocus (1 coat)
Essie Gel Couture Top Coat (1 coat)

Zoya Ryan & Girly Bits Hocus Pocus

I normally use a base coat but my OPI Nail Envy is nearly empty and I haven’t repurchased it yet. I am obsessed with holographic top coats like this one that transform any shade you use it over. It looks great over both dark shades like this one, and lighter ones. Girly Bits Hocus Pocus is basically a rainbow in a bottle. I don’t think it’s available anymore (it’s on their website but showing as out of stock) but I’m sure there are similar products out there that are transformative like this one.

What do you have on your nails this week? Let me know in the comments below!



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