Essence Summer Manicure

Essence Summer Manicure, Bright Manicure, Easy Nail Art

While the air has gotten a little cooler in the mornings and at night, I am still holding onto summer with both hands. I do enjoy fall but I am not a big fan of winter, especially here in Northern Ontario, so I am just not ready for the seasons to start to change at all. With that said, I have a fun and bright summer manicure using two of my favourite Essence nail polishes on this week! This is a variation of a manicure I saw on YouTube (can’t remember who posted it now) years ago.

Essence Summer Manicure, Bright Nails

In order to achieve this manicure you just need two nail polishes that compliment each other, a black nail polish and a striping brush. I simply painted half of each nail with one shade (I start with the lightest) and then after doing two coats, I went in with the second shade. You don’t have to be perfect, the stripes will cover up the centre line. Once the two shade were mostly dry I carefully made my lines with my striping brush.

Essence Summer Manicure, Bright Nails

Products Used:

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat
Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Vibrant Purple (2 coats)
Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Play With My Mint (2 coats)
KL Polish Tuxedo Mask (for stripes)
Striping Brush
Essence The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat

The stripes may not be perfect but I love the way that this manicure looks on the nails. It is very eye-catching with both the design of the stripes and the vibrant colours. I chose the Essence polishes as they have great wear time for a non-UV lamp curing gel polish. I’ve had this manicure on since last Wednesday evening and I have very minor chipping on the corners.

What do you have on your nails today? Let me know in the comments below!



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